Huracán defeated Argentinos in La Paternal and Gimnasia won in Barracas: the outstanding duels of the League Cup day

Argentine soccer is looking for its champion for the second half of the year (Photo: Reuters)
Argentine soccer is looking for its champion for the second half of the year (Photo: Reuters)

The Professional League Cup enters its final stretch and both the eight classified for the quarterfinals and who will be the second to descend to the First National. This Tuesday, Gymnastics and Fencing victory 2-1 a Central Tentswhile Union tied 0-0 with Defense and Justice. After the match between Boca and Racingin parallel Hurricane victory 2-1 a ArgentinesHurricane e InstituteCentral Rosary tied no goals.


Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata victory 2-1 a Central Tents by date 10 of the League Cup to collect three gold points in their fight for permanence and get closer to the first places in the Zone A.

The rapid celebration of Nicolas Colazo Four minutes into the initial stage he put Lobo ahead at the dawn of the game and Cristian Tarragona He had two missed chances before the first quarter of an hour. The visitors retreated into the field and gave the initiative to a rival without ideas in the last meters, who would suffer the second attack, but the great goal scored by Matias Abaldo was canceled by Andrés Merlos at the request of the VAR, in charge of Fernando Echeniquedue to a lack prior to Ivan Tapia.

He Handsome improved its image in the complement with greater prominence in the arc of Thomas Durso. The clearest chance happened at 61′ with a save on the goal line. Tarragona faced with a blast of Francisco Alvarez. Eight later, the tie came: Germán Guiffrey committed a penalty against David Salazar and Tapia sent him to save.

At 30′, Gimnasia responded in a devastating manner with a cross from Colazo on a left corner kick and Jonathan Cabral scored a cross header to score 2-1 and sentence the definitive victory. Merlos’ final whistle left the visitor with 44 units in the Annual Table and distanced himself from the teams involved in the fight for permanence in the Annual Table with 12 points left at play.

On the next date, Gym receives River Plate in it Bosque this Sunday from 6:30 p.m. and Central Tents closes the date of the Zone A on Monday before Hurricane in Patricios Park.


Central Tents: Andrew Desabato; Maximilian Puig, Juan Serrizuela, Francisco Alvarez, Juan Ignacio Diaz, Rodrigo Insua; Ivan Wall, Carlos Maple, Brian Calderara, Bruno Sepulveda; and Alexis Dominguez DT: Sergio Rondina

Gym: Tomás Durso; Guillermo Enrique, Yonathan Cabral, Leonardo Morales, Germán Guiffrey, Nicolás Colazo; Rodrigo Saravia, Pablo De Blasis; Matías Abaldo, Cristian Tarragona, Eric Ramírez. DT: Leonardo Madelón.

Estadio: Tomás Adolfo Ducó

Referee: Andrés Merlos


Union y Defense and Justice They distributed points in the April 15 Stadium. It was a goalless draw that did not completely satisfy anyone. He Tatengue remains in danger of relegation and the Hawk could not get close to the first places of the Zone B.

Dangerous plays under the goals were scarce in a distributed procedure. As the minutes passed, the visitor began to grow fond of the point. This made it possible for those led by Cristian Kily Gonzalez have the clearest opportunities: Gonzalo Morales crashed a ball into the crossbar and Tiago Banega finished off a ball that went close to the right post of Enrique Bologna. Those commanded by Julio Vaccari They also had theirs, but the score remained unchanged in Santa Fe.

Union came in eighth place in the Zone B with 12 points, 5 behind the leader Belgrano, although his gaze is focused on the Annual Table, where it is in 22nd place with 42 points, 4 behind Huracán, which at the end of this match would be the only one to go down in the accumulated table. With its last equality, accumulates 5 in the last 8 games (2 losses and 1 victory). Your next rival will be Córdoba Central in Santiago del Estero.

On the opposite path, Defense and Justice It is the other side of the coin. They are in sixth place in their group with 13 points and, although they are not among those classified for the quarterfinals, they are earning a ticket to the Copa Libertadores 2024, since it is in third place in the accumulated table. Your next challenge will be Racing as location.


Union: Sebastian Moyano; Francisco Gerometta, Nicolás Paz, Franco Pardo, Claudio Corvalán, Kevin Zenon; Enzo Roldán, Joaquín Mosqueira, Mauro Luna Diale; Gonzalo Morales, Jerónimo Domina. DT: Cristian González.

Defense and Justice: Henry Bologna; Nicholas Tripicchio, Thomas Cardona, James Ramos, Alexis Soto; Benjamin Schamine, Julian Lopez, James Solari, Rodrigo Bogarin, Gaston Togni; Nicholas Fernandez. DT: Julio Vaccari.

Estadio: April 15

Referee: Dario Herrera


Huracán beat Argentinos Juniors 2-1 in La Paternal and achieved a victory that allows him to leave the relegation zone and is also excited about fighting at the top of the League Cup since this third in Zone A. The great figure is Ignacio Pussetto who scored a double in the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.

Since the start the Animal It was more and had the clearest ones. The opening of the scoring came in the 21st minute after a corner kick from the right and Federico Redondo He hit it against his foot and was able to connect the ball with the net to make it 1-0.

With the result in favor, the local team continued to control the actions and Franco Moyano He was close to extending his lead with a shot that passed close.

But in the complement the income of Ignacio Pussetto changed his face Hurricane. At 58 minutes the returning forward surprised at the far post and headed in alone to equalize.

Then Marco Di Cesare took it inside the area Hector Fertoli and the referee Nicolas Lamolina He did not hesitate to charge a penalty. He executed it himself Pussetto and put the advantage Globo.

At the end Alan Lescano had the tie for him Animalalthough his header remained in the hands of Lucas Chaves.

Hurricane It left the direct relegation zone and reaches 41 points. left behind Tigre (40) y Columbus of Santa Fe (39), who owe their away games. The Sabalero will play this Wednesday against Arsenal in Sarandí (16.00) and Tigre will collide with Lanús in Strengthon Thursday (9:00 p.m.).

With this partial defeat Argentines is ninth in Zone A. On the next date he will visit Central Rosary on Sunday, from 4 p.m.

While Hurricane He is third in the same group and on Monday he will receive Central Tents in a final, starting at 9 p.m. in Parque Patricios.


Argentinos Juniors: Alexis Martin Arias; Marco Di Cesare, Michael Torren, Roman Vega; Franco Moyano, Federico Redondo, Alan Rodriguez, Francisco Gonzalez Metilli; Leonard Heredia, Luciano Gondou and Gabriel Avalos. DT: Pablo Guede.

Hurricane: Lucas Keys; Lucas Souto, Patrick Pizarro, Fabio Pereyra, William Benitez; Alan Dream, Williams Lark, Rodrigo Echeverria, Hector Fertoli; Marcelo Perez and Walter Mazzantti. DT: Diego Martínez.

Estadio: Diego Armando Maradona

Referee: Nicolas Lamolina

TV: TNT Sports


Córdoba Institute equalized 0-0 con Central Rosary and for now it remains in the qualification zone for the quarterfinals of the League Cup. Emotions did not abound in the match that was played in the Juan Domingo Perón Stadium from the capital of Cordoba.

The first half lacked dangerous plays and the key to Central Rosary He was in Ignacio Malcorrawhich at 34 minutes opened for Ariel Cervera whose shot went wide. Then Malcorra looked for Maximiliano Lovera that failed to connect well almost below the arc.

While The glory had a with with center Gregorio Rodriguez inside the area, but the defense’s clearance came just scoundrel.

In the complement neither teams were encouraged and bored everyone on the Córdoba night.

Institute Zone A remains fourth and on the next date it will receive Velezon Saturday from 9:30 p.m.

While Central Rosary He is ninth in the same group and on Sunday he will receive Argentines Juniors, starting at 4 p.m.


Institute: Manuel Roffo; Giuliano Cerato, Ezequiel Parnisari, Fernando Alarcón, Lucas Rodríguez; Gabriel Graciani, Nicolás Linares, Gastón Lodico, Jonás Acevedo; Lucas Albertengo, Adrián Martínez. DT: Diego Dabove.

Central Rosary: George Brown; Damian Martinez, Facundo Mallo, Carlos Quintana, Alan Rodriguez; Kevin Ortiz, Maximilian Lovera; Thomas O’Çonnor, Ignatius Malcorra, Jaminton Camp; Ariel Brewery. DT: Miguel Ángel Russo.

Estadio: Monumental of Alta Córdoba

Referee: Ariel Penel

TV: ESPN Premium

These are the League Cup tables:

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