How was the 1st Atlético x Cruzeiro at Arena MRV off the field

The first classic at Arena MRV was full of controversies off the field this Sunday (22). And they started before the ball even rolled to Cruzeiro’s 1-0 victory over Atlético-MG.

In the visiting sector, banners, flags and artifacts were prohibited from entering the stadium. In addition, the sale of beer with alcohol on site was prohibited.

Cruzeiro fans also complained that the bathroom doors had been removed and that there was no toilet paper available, in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

A metal fence was placed in the stands, which caused fans to complain about a blind spot. The fox released an official statement repudiating the measures and encouraging the search for legal means for fans to receive compensation.

In a note, the Atlético-MG explained that such measures were taken on recommendations from the local Military Police.

After the match, in the press conference room, the cruise he placed a club flag on the table to cover the Atletico badge. Galo’s communication requested the removal of the object.

As the flag was not removed, the home team decided to cut the audio in the interview room, turning it back on before Felipão arrived. Cruzeiro kept the flag and did the interview with the reporters present, going to the table with their respective microphones.

See the note released by Atlético-MG

Dear all, regarding the complaints from Cruzeiro fans at Arena MRV, Atlético clarifies that:

In response to Cruzeiro’s request, added to the minutes of the meeting held at the FMF, Atlético reinforced the security of the sector destined for visiting fans, in order to prevent possible damage caused by fans in that location.

The measures to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages and the removal of items from bathrooms were adopted based on monitoring by intelligence forces, which identified possible risks of acts of vandalism and depredation of property.

See the official note released by Cruzeiro

DISRESPECT TO OUR FANS! Cruzeiro strongly condemns the attitude of Clube Atlético Mineiro and Arena MRV in this Sunday’s match. Several attitudes were identified that, in addition to violating the General Sports Law and inciting violence, harm good faith and the spectacle of football. We will officially notify all spheres and public bodies so that they are aware of the facts that occurred, as well as recommending that our fans, now consumers at Arena MRV and who felt aggrieved under the Consumer Protection Code, seek their rights from the Power Judiciary and Procon-MG.

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