How to make your official 1989 (Taylor’s Version) poster, by Taylor Swift, online

Taylor Swift will re-release 1989 tonight (Jovani Pérez/ Infobae México)
Taylor Swift will re-release 1989 tonight (Jovani Pérez/ Infobae México)

There are very few hours until 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is available on all streaming platforms. To celebrate the arrival of the album, a fun tool has been enabled for fans of Taylor Swift Create your own album cover poster.

And it is that 1989an album containing Taylor hits such as Blank space, Style, Shake it off y Wildest Dreamsis one of the favorites of swifties, and therefore, one whose relaunch is most anticipated. Let us remember that the artist has been re-recording her albums one by one in order to recover the rights to her songs.

The posters made by his fans have gone viral on the internet. Here we leave you the exact instructions so that you don’t get left behind and get on the trend. Remember that this October 26thnew versions of the hits 1989 They will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and all platforms.

This is the step by step to make your Taylor Swift poster (screenshot)
This is the step by step to make your Taylor Swift poster (screenshot)

Paso 1: First of all you need to go to this website: There you will find a countdown to the release of the album as well as buttons so you can pre-save it to Spotify, pre-save it to Apple Music or, if you prefer, enter the pre-sale of the album.

Paso 2: A little further down you will find the section to create your cover of 1898 (your version). Click on “Let’s go”. The terms and conditions will immediately open, read them completely and write your name in the first box so that the “continue” button is enabled.

Paso 3: The platform will open to create your poster. Write the name you want to appear on the cover and upload your favorite photo. Once you have done this, an option will open for you to control the size and direction of the photo.

Paso 4: When you have your desired poster, click on the button below to give you the option to download. Save your cover 1989 and share on the social network you want.

Remember that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) It will be available at 10 pm, central Mexico time.

(Doug Mills/The New York Times)
(Doug Mills/The New York Times)

Taylor Swift He was left without the rights to all his songs in 2019, when Big Machine Recordsthe record label that supported it, was bought by more than 300 million dollars by Scooter Brown, millionaire, investor, music producer, businessman and artist manager. We owe Braun the discovery of Justin Bieber and the rise of his artistic career.

The singer of Style He was only 15 years old when he signed a contract with Big Machine Records. When he wanted to retire Universal Music It was already too late. Scooter had bought the company and therefore, Swift’s catalog of songs, videos and material.

“Scooter stripped me of my life’s work, which I was not given the opportunity to purchase. It was music I wrote on the floor of my room, videos I dreamed up and paid for with the money I had earned in bars, clubs, arenas and then stadiums,” declared Taylor Swift.

When all this happened, a hashtag went viral on social networks: #IStanWithTaylorSwift, and a handful of celebrities defended the artist. To recover her music catalog, Taylor Swift chose to re-record the six albums of hers that she had lost: Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989 y Reputation. The first four are already available, the fifth will go on sale today and is expected to Reputation (Taylor’s Version) see the light very soon.

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