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October 22, 2023 – 08:16

On a new election day, Ámbito tells you the keys to going to vote and choosing your candidates.

In these elections it is possible to cut the ballot. 

It is Sunday October 22, are celebrated general elections throughout the country to elect the next president of the nation. On this day, one of the doubts that arises is: how can the ballot be cut and the vote not be annulled?

Los electors They will have the possibility to vote for different political groups and candidates, as long as they are in different categories. For that, one possibility will be cut ticket y elect a candidate for president from one party and a candidate for deputy from another, for example. However, anyone who elects two candidates for the same position will suffer the annulment of his vote.

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Elections 2023: how to cut ballot

The ballot cut should follow the dotted line that divides each sectionin the most neat and precise way possible so that there are no doubts in the vote counting.

The people who are going to cut the ballot You can have scissors to avoid cutting incorrectly no important data or information about the voted candidate.

When is a vote considered null?

As explained by the Government websitethe vote will be annulled in case of:

  • The inclusion of foreign objects on the ballot;
  • official ballots from different groups for the same position;
  • official ballots from different lists, from the same political group, for the same category of positions;
  • official ballots with partial destruction, defects or deletions that do not contain the name of the party and the category of positions to be elected;
  • official ballots that have inscriptions and/or legends of any type, except substitutions or additions.

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