How loved ones are commemorated in the Argentine Northwest

November 2, 2023 – 10:47

Every year, the Argentine Northwest celebrates this tribute to its deceased and waits for the return of their souls with different dishes of food. I know all the details.

Every November 2, the Argentine Northwest celebrates the Day of the Souls.

In Argentinalike every November 2nd, the noroeste celebrate the Day of the Souls: a day where each of the inhabitants prepares for the return of deceased loved ones, in houses and cemeteries. This festival has many points in common with the Day of the Deadcommemorated in Mexico.

He Day of the Dead is recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since November 2003. The objective is the prevalence of this holiday over time.

Day of the Dead in Argentina: how the Northwest commemorates it

The towns of Argentine Northwest They believe that, during the early hours of November 1st to 2nd, the soul of each of their dead relatives returns to their former homes in the underworld. Therefore, with love and dedication they prepare a pleasant welcome that includes a great banquet.

Figures of animals such as llamas and doves made of bread, the favorite foods and drinks of those who are no longer here, photos and memories, colorful flowers and coca leaves flood the houses and cemeteries on this special date for the andean towns. Each of them performs a different ceremony.

What is the day of the Day of the Dead in Argentina?

During November 1st, banquets and decorations are prepared and organized so that the souls that return can enjoy them. Once the early hours of November 2nd pass, the dishes are distributed among the community, who share the day.

A mass is also held in the church or cemetery to honor the deceased. Then the table can be lifted.

Day of the Dead in Argentina: why it is celebrated in the Northwest

Los andean towns They believe that the soul never dies, even though the body does. They consider that when a person leaves the earthly plane, he enters a mode of existence that can relate to and affect the lives of the living. So that they do not commit evil or mischief, funeral rites and they are welcomed every November 2nd.

The inhabitants of Argentine Northwest They see it as a way to balance nature. They carry out this journey to prevent the return of the souls from turning against them. While some mention that there are two souls that return, others say that there are four.

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