How did Angélica and Luciano Huck meet? Box office failure film was definitive for the couple

A film starring Angélica did not reach the desired box office due to its rating being changed, but the film ended up changing the presenter’s life forever.

How did Angélica and Luciano Huck meet?  The film's box office failure was definitive for the couple.

How did Angélica and Luciano Huck meet? The film’s box office failure was definitive for the couple.

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Angelica is about to turn 50 at the end of this month and has a career full of successes, whether on TV or in films, as a film or soap opera actress (gave up a role that ended up being given to an artist who has now disappeared from television) or presenter of attractions such as “Clube da Criança”, “Casa da Angélica” (in which he also showed his gift for acting), and “Stars”.

In 2003, Angélica returned to the sets to shoot “Um Show de Verão”, released at the beginning of the following year to embark on the climate of the warmer season. Her debut in the seventh art had been in 1988 with “Os Heróis Trapalhões” and until “Um Show…” came other works as an actress and voice actress.

Film with Angélica disappointed in the first month in theaters

In around 30 days, the film had brought just under 114,500 people to the screening rooms. “Um Show de Verão”, according to “Folha de S.Paulo” in March 2004, was budgeted at R$3.2 million, of which R$1.2 million was spent on media.

At the time, one of the film’s producers, Diler Trindade, attributed the box office ratings to the indicative rating (+14 years) being well below expectations, since it was aimed at audiences aged 10 and 14.

The romantic comedy brought together a series of celebrities such as Debby Lagranha (at the moment away from the artistic world), Otávio Mesquita, Marcos Mionand José Mojica Marins, immortalized as Zé do Caixão.

Angélica changed her life with the film ‘A Summer Show’

If, on the one hand, Angélica didn’t have a good time on the big screen this time, on the other, “Um Show de Verão” was silent…

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