“How are you not going to bank it”: the 10 proposals that Riquelme announced one week before the elections in Boca Juniors

Riquelme announced 10 proposals for the elections in Boca (Photo Baires)
Riquelme announced 10 proposals for the elections in Boca (Photo Baires)

There is only one week left until the partners of Boca Juniors define the authorities that will manage the club’s destinies for the next four years until 2027. After the confirmation that Juan roman riquelme He will be the head of the ruling party’s list along with the current owner Jorge Amor Amealadded to the landing of the former president Mauricio Macri as vice of the opposition on the list of Andres Ibarrapolitics at Brandsen 805 are red hot.

In the last few hours, after the presidential candidate for space faced the xeneize idol, he presented a new video in which he shows How would the new one look? 21st Century Candy Box that would have capacity for more than 100 thousand people, the one who joined the bidding on social networks was Riquelme himself.

Through his new account on X (formerly Twitter) called All About Roman 10Boca’s historic number 10 announced a series of 10 proposals which he will promote if he continues to lead the Ribera institution starting next Sunday with his group “Soy Bostero”. Under the motto “How are you not going to bank it?”the list is headed by an option related to members’ access to the Bombonera

“It is developing a new and complete application to replace Soy Socio”, indicates the report on the platform through which Boca fans have to enter and request their additional fee to enter the stadium and see their team. Immediately afterwards, the second proposal echoes the option that Macri promoted in relation to the arrival of the SAD to Argentine football.

“How are you not going to bank them if you are going to continue making the club belong to the members and never a public limited company”, indicated the statement. In relation to infrastructure improvements and to counteract the new Bombonera model that the opposition is proclaiming, Riquelme marked several items that he highlighted in the dozen of his proposals.

The election ceremony will take place inside the Bombonera on Sunday, December 3
The election ceremony will take place inside the Bombonera on Sunday, December 3

Among them he established that is building a new sports center for amateur sports of the club. At the same time, the list highlighted that The development of the new gastronomic center in the stadium will continue and that, in the enclosure, The lifers will have an “exclusive space” where the presidential box is located today.

In the football aspect, although there are still no details of who could be the new coach of Boca in the event that Riquelme wins the elections, among the proposals they highlight that the former footballer now leader “it will continue to bring more reinforcements of international level” and that “it will continue to raise kids to the first class”one of the references that the current leadership of the club highlighted in one of the campaign spots they spread on social networks.

While waiting for the vote next Sunday, December 3, the other idol who spoke in the last hours was Martin Palermo. The Platense coach until now confirmed that if Andrés Ibarra is elected he will become the new Xeneize coach.

“Today Andrés Ibarra is the one running to be the next president of Boca accompanied by Mauricio (Macri) and since I started my career as a coach, whenever they asked me what my dream was, I always said it was to manage Boca or Estudiantes. Today I am with the possibility that Andrés Ibarra has considered me to fulfill that dream of being Boca coach”said the top scorer in the club’s history.

“You know how I am, in all this time, other presidents have passed, Angelici with two terms, there was Vasco Arruabarrena, there was Guillermo, other coaches and I was never in consideration, they never called me. With this current management it has been Ibarra’s turn to Battaglia and it has not obviously been my turn. Today, if things work out, I have the possibility of being Boca’s coach. It’s my dream, it’s my wish, but obviously we have to wait for things to happen. I have to feel grateful that if things turn out the way I think they can, I will be Boca’s next coach,” Palermo added about his possible return to the club.


Riquelme's 10 proposals before the elections in Boca
Riquelme’s 10 proposals before the elections in Boca

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