Hosting such a festival in Lankaran was one of my main dreams

It has been one of my main dreams to organise such a festival in Lankaran for more than three years, said Nigar Amirbayova, head of the “Diyar. az” project, while taking about the gastronomic festival “One Southern City” in Lankaran.

Nigar Amirbayova noted that the guests who attended the festival mostly came from Baku. The food served at the festival was prepared by the chefs:” Chefs represent Lankaran. Most of our partners who cooperated with us within this festival were companies from the Southern part of our country. Two large tea companies, “Astaracay” and “Lenkeranchay”, are also represented here. They are brands that have made their mark on the market. As you know, they are producing local tea. Our guests have already tasted these beautiful types of tea. Besides, our partner, the wine company, actively participates in the event. As usual, Lankaran Vocational High School is also represented at the festival.

Nigar Amirbeyova added that the participation of 15 of Lankaran’s most professional chefs in the festival should also be appreciated: “One of the beauties of Lankaran is its rich gastronomy. We tried to show the guests the dishes and sweets of Lankaran. Mainly, we should present hot dishes, types of pilaf, and lavengi. There are about 10 types of pilaf in Lenkeran”.

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