Hostage situation at Hamburg airport over: father arrested, child unharmed

The hostage situation at Hamburg airport has ended after hours of negotiations with the hostage. German police have arrested the man who had been holding his 4-year-old daughter hostage in a car since last night. The girl appears unharmed, police say. She is taken care of by the emergency services.

According to the police, the father and daughter got out of the car together, after which the man was arrested without resistance. The hostage situation lasted more than eighteen hours. View the images here:

After 6 hours, finally good news: hostage situation in Hamburg ends well


The man had been holding his daughter hostage since 8 p.m. last night in a car that he had parked under an airplane. He had driven the car without a license plate through an airport gate and was armed. The German newspaper Spiegel reports that he shot twice. According to the Hamburg police, he may also have had explosives with him.

Police assume that the girl’s man and mother have a custody dispute. The man demanded tickets to Turkey for him and his daughter after forcibly taking her from the mother’s home.

Flights cancelled

The airport was completely evacuated yesterday and remained closed afterwards. Flights were canceled and diverted. Travelers were asked not to come to the airport. There were 286 flights planned there for today with around 34,500 passengers.

Hamburg Airport reported around 2:30 PM that air traffic will resume ‘as soon as possible’. On X it is reported that confirmation from the emergency services is awaited as to when the access roads and terminals can be reopened.

Source: RTL News

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