Hockey Prato, double defeat in the Italian Cup

PRATO – Double defeat for Hockey Prato in the Italian Cup in the double comparison with Salerno and Matera.

In the first match played in Salerno a 7-4 defeat occurred in a match within the capabilities of the biancazzurri who ended the first half at 3-3. Many errors for the Prato team who conceded some avoidable goals which weighed on the progress of the match and the result, in the end, which was too heavy.

In the match against Decom Matera the first half was balanced and ended at 1-1 then the team coached by Bernardini succumbed in the second half with the hosts who spread until the final 11-1.

“The first match against Salerno we were in the match – comments the Prato technician Bernardini – against an opponent within our reach. We paid for the many mistakes made in the offensive phase where we made a lot of mistakes and conceded naive goals. The result ultimately penalizes us. In the second match against Matera the team held the field well in the first half then succumbed at a distance. We chose to face the Italian Cup as preparation for the championship and we are still behind. These matches will help us grow and improve our physical condition and fitness.”

Hockey Prato will return to the track on Saturday 11 November hosting Castiglione at the Pala Rogai at 8.45pm.

The scoreboard: Salerno – Hockey Prato 7-4

Salerno: Marrazzo (Navarra), Baron, Esposito, Judge Giuseppe, Sabatta, Ferrari, Judge Giorgio; Fontan Alfani. Coach: Judge.

Hockey Prato: Vespi F. (Barsi), Baldesi, Capuano Lorenzo, Benelli, Barbani, Baldesi, Mugnai, Santoro, Capuano Alberto, Poli. Coach: Bernardini.

Referee: Andrisani of Matera

Markers: 4’54″pt Capuano Alberto, 6’53” Fontan Alfani, 13’42” Baldesi, 13’45” Fontan Alfani, 14’04” Capuano Lorenzo, 24’24” Judge Giorgio; 1’20″st Fontan Alfani, 1’41” Esposito, 15’24” Baldesi, 16’46” Esposito, 22’03” Fontan Alfani.

The scoreboard: Roller Matera – Hockey Prato 11-1

Roller Matera: El Haouzi (Pigato), Santeramo, Piozzini, Lapolla, Clemente, Bigatti, Ferrara, Gadaleta, Monticelli. Coach: Antezza.

Hockey Prato: Vespi F. (Barsi), Capuano Lorenzo, Barbani, Baldesi, Benelli, Mugnai, Santoro, Capuano Alberto, Poli. Coach: Bernardini.

Referee: Ciccolella di Molfetta

Markers: 21’23″pt Barbani, 23’21” Monticelli; 1’21” and 6’59″st Bigatti, 11’05” Santeramo, 14’03” Piozzini, 16’50” and 16’59” Ferrara, 19’38” Lapolla, 20’31” and 20’38” Clemente, 24’05” Piozzini.

Group D standings: Castiglione 6 (played 2), Decom Matera 6 (played 2), Follonica 6 (played 3), Salerno 3 (played 4), Hockey Prato 0 (played 3).

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