Helmi Bakr’s wife reveals the latest developments in his health condition – Art

The great musician Helmy Bakr is currently staying in Sharkia Governorate, at his wife Samah Al-Qurashi’s family home, to continue receiving treatment there, especially after the treating doctor in Cairo reassured him, as Helmy Bakr regained full consciousness, and all body functions became in good condition, especially since he was suffering from some Lung and heart problems.

Samah Al-Qurashi said, in exclusive statements to Al-Watan, that she decided to go to Sharqia because the rural atmosphere there allows the great musician an atmosphere of calm, breathing clean air, and eating rural food free of preservatives, etc. And the great musician He is now healthier than he was a few weeks ago and will appear soon.

Helmy Bakr responds to Mustafa Kamel

Today, the great musician Helmy Bakr published a statement: To respond to the accusations against his current wife, especially after a major dispute occurred between her and the head of the Musicians Syndicate, Mustafa Kamel, where he said: Bakr In his statement: “I, Hilmi Eid Muhammad Bakr, famous for the composer Hilmi Bakr, declare that I completely reject the abuse that my wife, Samah Al-Qurashi, was subjected to by the head of the Musicians Syndicate, Mustafa Kamel, or anyone else. I note that the fierce attack to which my wife was subjected harms me as my wife and the mother of my daughter, and I add that I may I authorized it to pursue everyone who attacks us and prosecute them through legal means.”

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