Heartbreaking confession from Silvina Escudero about the loss of her pregnancy: “It was in week 14”

Between a huge sadness, Silvina Escudero She said that she lost a pregnancy that she had been keeping in total reserve. He was Angel de Brito who broke the news, after the ex-vedette told him expressed the desolation he was experiencinghis inability to be able to talk about the subject and the request for him to make it known.

“He hid because he didn’t want his belly to be seen, because he already had a little bit, and finally he stopped.”

“She had walked away from dancing because she didn’t have to do physical effort because she was looking to be a mother. I talked about this with Silvina for a long time, it’s not that I’m telling her to tell it, she asked me to tell it,” the driver of LAM.

“He still doesn’t feel strong enough to tell it on TV. She is very sad. Silvina was pregnant. “She confirmed it to me at the time,” she said.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: InstagramBy: Ivan Basso


“She was very happy, but she asked me to wait a few days because she was waiting for the 3 months to be up. Finally when that time passed she asked me to wait a little longer,” she recalled.

“I don’t want to go into many details because she has to tell it. At week 14 she lost her pregnancy. Because of this issue, she was so far away from TV and networks,” she detailed.

“First she decided, as a family project, to look for a baby with treatment with her husband. When she arrived, she hid because she didn’t want her tummy to be seen, because she already had a little, and finally she stopped,” she said. “Obviously she is very sad, very bad,” she explained, about the anguish that Silvina Escudero is experiencing.

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