He raises the Palestinian flag at his concert in Canada, while the audience chants: Freedom for Palestine

The singer was keen Wedges To support the Palestinian cause through his concert in Canada, as part of his concert activities outside Egypt during the current period, stressing that they would have taken the step of canceling those concerts, but they preferred to exploit them for the benefit of Gaza by mentioning it and what is happening on the ground and exploiting the concerts to support them, whether by donating to our people in Gaza or by talking. On the Palestinian issue.

Pictures were also circulated of Wiggs from the concert, raising the Palestinian flag, and his fans chanting freedom for Palestine behind him.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Wiggs has announced his support for Palestine and the people of Gaza, as he is keen from time to time to publish videos via the Story feature in which he supports them in both Arabic and English.

Also, a large number of Egyptian artists were recently keen to go to the Red Crescent Society and support our people in Gaza by donating blood, in the presence of the head of the Acting Professions Syndicate, the artist Ashraf Zaki, who was previously keen to go to the Rafah crossing.

He is holding a Palestinian flag

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