He eats an egg with red egg white and ends up in hospital

There are not only positive trends, like that of eat sardineson TikTok: one in particular arouses more than a few worry. In recent days, in fact, a creator he went to the hospital for having knowingly ate a spoiled eggwhich featured a red albumen. “I ate this egg for LAUGH – he says on the Chinese social network – and now I am in hospital infected with pseudomonas“. It is a bacterium that usually alarms hospitals because it is very resistant to antibiotics. It is found in nature and is harmless but when we ingest it it becomes dangerous. To this one challenge replied the famous Spanish popularizer Alvaro Fernandezcirca 4 million followers between Instagram and TikTok. Eating an egg with red egg white is extremely dangerous and should never be done. On the other hand even just looking at the image you have a sort of repulsion. It’s our brain begging us not to do stupid things.

Pay attention to the color of the eggs

First of all let’s say that, like with Botox in preservesWe advise you to to discard any food that gives theslightest suspicion of being spoiled. Álvaro Fernández is of the same opinion, very much so stand on his profile: “He does it for laughs and I feel like crying because there are more and more videos of this type, so natural selection doesn’t work” says the popularizer on TikTok. The color of the egg white is in fact given by bacterial contamination “It’s certainly not the embryo of a phoenix” he comments annoyed.


For Fernández every person gifted with common sense avoid these types of challenges. Eggs with red egg white are not eaten for no reason in the world, let alone if it’s for laughs. The white of the eggs begins to turn pink precisely when it is altered by Pseudomonas. If it turns red (like in this case) it could be Serratia. Usually these alterations are not identified by a specific color or odor of the shell so we can differentiate good eggs from bad ones just by seeing the contents. If colored egg whites are found it is almost always due to bacterial contamination, a different matter if we notice them instead small spots near the yolk: in this case it is just a little blood due to the breaking of the blood vessels at the moment of “creation” of the egg. It doesn’t represent a problem for our health but the fact remains that if we are scared and have suspicions it is always better to avoid.

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