He eats a red egg and ends up hospitalized: “I am infected with pseudomonas”

One user up TikTok went viral for eating a red colored egg. The ‘popularity’, however, brought with it a negative event, which occurred after having tasted the spoiled food. The shade was in fact unusual but, “for a laugh”, he decided to turn on the video camera and film the entire food preparation phase. Pushing his luck and the side effects, the man decided to try the egg and ended up in hospital.

A well-known web science writer intervened on the issue and, in response to the video published by the user, gave the reasons why the food had that unusual colour. “He does it for laughs and it makes me cry because there are more and more videos of this type, so natural selection doesn’t work. A red egg? What could happen? Could it be a phoenix embryo? Or maybe a bacterium could have contaminated it?“, said the expert who cannot understand how people can carry out similar actions in order to gain visibility. “I ate this egg for laughs and now I’m in the hospital infected with pseudomonas“, explained the man who caught the disease ‘which can cause a variety of infections’ of the respiratory, urinary and skin tracts.


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