Harry Styles shaved his hair: the new look. VIDEO

Thursday 9 November, with the exclusive publication of the images of Harry Styles allo Spheres di Las Vegayes, an era is definitely over: the singer and actor said goodbye to his legendary brown curls showing off a shaved look.

Together with him, to witness the U2 concertalso there new girlfriend: the twenty-nine year old Taylor Russell.

New look (and new girlfriend)

At the U2 concert, Harry Styles showed up with a very casual outfit. The white t-shirt worn, however, did nothing but accentuate his new shaved hairstyle. The images, acquired exclusively by TMZthey confirmed it: no photomontage and no use of Artificial Intelligence. Harry Styles yes it really is shaved his hair. The singer, moreover, gave a second confirmation during the concert (breaking the hearts of the fans): having abandoned his single status, there is now Taylor Russell in his life. Those who saw them at the concert swear by it: the two didn’t take their eyes (and hands) off each other, and spent the evening kissing, taking selfies and dancing in the company of their friends. Aside from his girlfriend, the haircut is probably the thing that shocked Harry’s fans the most. From success with One Direction to his successful solo career, one thing had never changed until now: his brown, soft and rather long curls.

Who is Harry Styles’ new girlfriend

Harry Styles he is among the most desired men in the world: the interest in his acquaintances is decidedly high (even more so if we consider the numerous love songs he has performed). In his past there have been flirtations and relationships with Taylor Swift, Olivia Wilde, Emily Ratajlowski. But there have also been rumors about her sexuality, especially after the performance of My Policeman (PHOTO). What is certain is that he is currently dating Taylor Russell. The scoop, coming once again from TMZ, dates back to a few months ago: the Canadian actress had been seen behind the scenes of Styles’ show in Vienna, last July 9th. The two were also spotted hand in hand in the German capital immediately after the concert.

Canadian actress born in 1994, Taylor Russell starred in the TV series Lost in Space and in movies Waves – The waves of life, Escape Room ed Escape Room 2 – Immortal game. In 2022, critics celebrated her performance in Bones and Allwhich earned her the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the Venice International Film Festival. Before her, Styles had kissed Emily Ratajkowski and had long attended Olivia Wilde.

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