Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 5 curiosities about the film

With the grand and evergreen return of Harry Potter su Italy oneand with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix just around the corner, it’s always a pleasure to talk and discover interesting curiosities about the films and the cast members.

In a previous article we illustrated 5 curiosities about the third film of the saga: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Today, however, we offer you 5 curiosities about the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The shortest film of the saga

With this film we see the directorial entry of David Yateswho will then also direct the remaining films in the saga and the Fantastic Beasts prequel saga.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was the film with the most deleted scenes of the entire saga. In fact, Yates had shot well three hours of filmthe novel being the longest of all with approx 800 pages of writing. Unfortunately, production forced him to cut back almost 45 minutes of footage, paradoxically making this film the shortest of the entire saga.

The kiss between Cho and Harry

The kiss between Harry and Cho

The one between Cho and Harry as we know from the book is the little wizard’s first kiss! Except, interesting curiosity, the same could be said for the actor Daniel Radcliffe.

The actor confessed to having been incredibly nervous while shooting the scene and that it took countless takes to complete. Also complicit in Radcliffe’s nervousness was his colleague Rupert Grint (Ron), who couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Daniel’s scream

We are in one of the most emotional moments of the film. The wizards of Dumbledore’s Army have arrived at the Department of Mysteries, inside the Ministry of Magic, looking for Sirius.

As it turns out, everything is a trap and a thrilling fight begins between the Aurors and the Death Eaters, until the terrible Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham-Carter) kills Sirius Black. And here’s the curiosity: in the film we don’t hear Harry’s desperate scream because of Daniel. The actor, in fact, threw such a blood-curdling scream that Yates felt the need to silence it, since it not only gave everyone chills, but did burst into tears also various members of the cast.

Pink is off-limits!

Tonks is introduced in the book as a friendly Auror with shocking pink hair. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix David Yates had specifically asked for that no other character was supposed to wear or have anything pinksince this was exclusively the color to remember Umbridge.

At this point, Tonks’ hair was changed to purple, as we see in the film.

Timeless Imelda

harry potter dolores umbridge
Dolore Umbridge

We conclude this list of curiosities on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with a nice statement from the actress Imelda Stauntonwho plays the very evil Dolores Umbridge.

The actress said in an interview that a young nephew, a Harry Potter fan, had told him that she would be perfect for the part. The thing that amused the actress is that Dolores Umbridge is described as a person with a toad face…not a great compliment!

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