Hakimi: “I like how Luis Enrique understands football. Mbappé? There’s a feeling, we understand each other straight away”

Ashraf Hakimi spoke to the microphones of RMC Sport a few hours before the San Siro match against Milan. The Moroccan full-back praised Luis Enrique: “I benefited from his arrival thanks to his way of understanding football, I like him a lot: he always wants to attack. As he says, I’m not just a defender because I also really like attacking the last 30 meters and help the attackers. So I’m happy that he’s here and I’m happy that I can play for him.”

The complicity with Mbappé
: “When you feel good with a teammate on and off the pitch, you understand his game even more easily. It’s really very easy to play with him, he’s extraordinary and we speak the same language, we’re on the same wavelength. We know exactly where and when we want the ball, just by looking at each other.”

Praise also for Zidane: “He had faith in me and gave me the opportunity to play for Real Madrid. Having him as a coach was incredible: learning from him, listening to him, especially for a young player who is living his dream. So I tried to absorb everything he said and it all came in handy when I left Real Madrid for Germany.”

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