Guterres and the British metro driver… Gaza and the Western double conscience

In Britain, a metro driver was suspended from his job because he chanted for Palestine, which prompted British Parliament member Diana Abbott to ask: “The metro driver who led the chant for a free Palestine was suspended. Would this have happened if he had chanted a free Ukraine?!”

The representative was referring to the duplicity possessed by the European and American regimes towards the aggression against Gaza, which pushes them to justify the killing of thousands of Palestinian civilians, and consider it self-defense, and they differentiate between one soul and another. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued the call for a “Cairo Peace Summit,” and called on the whole world to To deal with all civilians equally, and to stop all targeting of civilians and collective punishment, which is in accordance with international and humanitarian law.

The war on Gaza was not the first example that revealed American and Western duplicity and bias, and the absence of human rights standards when it comes to settlement aggression that kills civilians and continues to wage a war of extermination against a defenseless people, with an ongoing siege that includes cutting off water, fuel, electricity, communications, and all elements of life from Gaza. Before the occupation forces that are relentlessly bombing Gaza, with clear American support, without drawing their attention to the number of victims of children, women and the elderly, whose percentage exceeds 80% of the victims, there are entire families, homes, hospitals and churches that have been targeted, the refugee relief agency “UNRWA”, International organizations issued reports of their employees being bombed and dozens of them killed in Gaza, and called for facilitating the entry of aid and fuel because the lack of fuel led to hospitals being out of work, and also led to the inability of cars and trucks to move and distribute aid.

The Security Council session last Tuesday evening was an example of this duality, as the United States adhered to condemning the resistance, while ignoring the war of extermination, and anger appeared against the Secretary-General of the United Nations when he called for one standard to convict – or acquit – one party over another, as António Guterres, the Secretary-General, said: To the United Nations, the situation in the Middle East is worsening hourly. The war in Gaza may spread throughout the entire region, which poses a grave danger to the world. Guterres stressed – during his speech, at the Security Council meeting last Tuesday, due to the Israeli aggression on Gaza – that at the moment… As decisive as this, it is necessary for the principles to be clear, especially with regard to protecting civilians and ensuring their livelihood. Although Guterres denounced the attacks by Palestinian factions on October 7, this did not help him, because he also said: “The October 7 attack did not happen in a vacuum. “The Palestinian people have been living under a stifling occupation that has lasted for 56 years, and have witnessed their land being gradually devoured by settlements.”

It seems that the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, departed from the context of American and Western duality, when he said that the grievances of the Palestinian people do not justify the attack carried out by the Palestinian factions, nor do they justify the collective punishment inflicted on the entire Palestinian people, and he called on all parties to “necessitate respect for humanitarian law.” The international community, respect for civilians, hospitals, and United Nations facilities that house more than 600,000 Palestinians, and Israel is relentlessly bombing Gaza, and the number of civilian casualties is continuing to increase in an alarming manner until now.”

António Guterres considered that “protecting civilians is the most important issue in any armed conflict, and they should not be used as human shields, and no party to the conflict is above international law. Fuel supplies coming from the United Nations to Gaza will run out in a very short time, and this is a major disaster, in addition to Due to the interruption of electricity and water, the people of Gaza are in dire need of aid being provided to them without restrictions.”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, faced an attack from Israel and its allies, which may hinder his re-nomination to the United Nations, as happened with Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, whose renewal was opposed by America, after the United Nations issued a report condemning Israel in the “Qana massacre” that took place. In which the bombing of the United Nations headquarters in the village of Qana in Lebanon on April 18, 1996, the Israeli occupation forces bombed the headquarters after civilians took refuge there to escape the so-called “Grapes of Wrath” operation launched by Israel against Lebanon. The bombing of the headquarters led to the death of 106 civilians and the injury of many. Wounded, the members of the Security Council met to vote on a resolution condemning Israel, but the United States aborted the resolution by using its veto power, and because of the United Nations report that condemned the occupation, the Secretary-General was denied renewal for a second time.

This is the same thing that is happening as the duality continues, and any decisions calling for an end to the bombing of civilians and collective punishment are halted, and the United States and the Arab camp remain, with duplicity, confronting Russia in Ukraine, and supporting Israel in Palestine, and the irony is that Ukraine supports the occupation against the owners of the land!

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