Gregg Popovich’s surreal press conference after Spurs vs. Bucks

Gregg Popovich starred in one of the most talked about moments in the last NBA night. The coach of the San Antonio Spurs, after falling by 4 points (with a shot to force overtime) against the Bucks, appeared at a press conference. What was different from the rest of the occasions was that he did not sit down, he told the press that he was only going to answer questions that made sense and, a minute later, he left.

This was the complete sequence:

Gregg Popovich: «Great game. He couldn’t be prouder of the group. We did many things very well. A lot of people played well today. Unless someone has a question that makes sense, I’m leaving.

Come on, Mickey (journalist)!

Journalist: What did you ask (of the referees) in the last play?

«What I wanted was a different signal from the referees, where Giannis added a three-point play. But sometimes the signs are in your favor and sometimes against you. And you have to live with it. It was hard to have that whistle almost at the end of the game when our boys had gotten there (with options). We lived with it and moved on. That’s how it is”

Journalist: What did you think of Wembanyama?

“I loved. I loved. I loved everything she did. There is nothing I didn’t like about all of this. That answers all the questions, right? Have a good night. See you at the bar

Journalist: “Are we invited?”

And under that silence, everything ended in the press room.

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