greetings and celebrations for Charly García’s birthday

This Monday, October 23, Charly García is turning 72 years old, which is why he received congratulatory messages through social networks, where his friends and colleagues remembered moments shared with the musician.

Through his Instagram account, Fito Páez shared legendary photos of Charly that open the way to his musical history throughout all these years along with an emotional writing:

“Charly is freedom! Happy birthday king of kings! I love you so much that I don’t have the words to explain it. In the end, getting here was about that. Not having words. Thank you for guiding me in the darkness and laughing so much during these years.”, wrote the musician from Rosario in the early morning.

The producer José Palazzo was another of the figures who expressed their love and affection towards Charly through an Instagram post. “So many stories, so much music, so many joys, so many tensions, Charly would not understand,” Palazzo posted.

Lali was not left behind and shared on her Instagram stories a post listening to a Charly classic, “Demoliendo Hoteles”, accompanied in capital letters by “THANK YOU I LOVE YOU”.

Lali greets Charly García for her birthday with a "THANK YOU I LOVE YOU"
Lali greets Charly García for her birthday with “THANK YOU I LOVE YOU”

The tribute festival to Charly that will be seen via streaming

Like last year, from 9:30 p.m. and on the YouTube channel “Abre SERVICIOS”, 20 bands will celebrate virtually to celebrate a tribute to the national rock icon. The event titled “You are not cute Fest”, promises to be an evening full of music and emotion, broadcast live via streaming.

Together with bands from different generations, there will be a tour of all the stages of Charly’s life. “What we seek is to celebrate the life of an idol whose songs have been the soundtrack of several generations since the beginning of the ’70s. May the party be shared and may all the love and gratitude of the fans reach Charly on his day,” the event organizers shared.

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