Graduation celebrating Flag Day becomes a notable tribute from the government of Acre to the greatest symbol of the country

The Headquarters of the General Command of the Military Police of the State of Acre (QCG), in Praça da Revolution, in Rio Branco, was the stage for a special ceremony on the morning of this Sunday, 19th, where the Military Police of Acre (PMAC), responsible for event, grandly hosted a Flag Day Graduation.

Acre Military Police grandly conducted a Flag Day Graduation. Photo: Diego Gurgel/Secom

The ceremony, which began with the arrival of the governor of the State of Acre, Gladson Cameli, included military honors and the presentation of personnel by the general commander of PMAC, Colonel Luciano Dias Fonseca. Also notable at the event were the raising of the National and Acreano pavilions, the reading of the Order of the Day, the incineration of unserviceable flags and the emotional singing of the Hymn to the Flag.

“Today we celebrate the symbol of greatest representation of our country, as we must preserve and strengthen the values ​​of our homeland. As governor of the state, we must always salute this beautiful flag, remember that Acre fought to be part of Brazil, and that we are here fighting and working to make the lives of our people better”, highlighted the governor.

Governor Gladson Cameli reinforced that the flag is the country’s greatest symbol. Photo: Diego Gurgel/Secom

Among the distinguished guests present were the president of the Court of Justice of Acre, judge Regina Ferrari, the president of the Regional Electoral Court of Acre, Junior Alberto, state deputy Afonso Fernandes, as well as several state authorities.

The event stood out as a notable act of patriotism, civility and respect for democratic values. With the exclusive participation of the Military Police of the State of Acre, under the auspices of the State Government, the graduation reinforced values ​​and national identity, celebrating the importance of the Flag as a unifying symbol of the nation.

The event was attended by several authorities. Photo: Diego Gurgel/Secom

For the PMAC commander, Luciano Fonseca: “This is an event that we have not held since the pandemic. And with the renovation of our Barracks by the State government, this historic building in the Center of our capital, in addition to all the achievements with the corporation, we take this moment to celebrate the flag and our values ​​alongside all the public security warriors of the Acre”.


Flag Day in Brazil has its origins related to the creation of the current design of the national flag. On November 19, 1889, four days after the Proclamation of the Republic, Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca, then head of the provisional government, instituted through Decree No. 4 the new model of the Brazilian flag.

During the ceremony of raising the new flag, the previous one is traditionally incinerated. Photo: Diego Gurgel/Secom

The date of November 19th was officially established as Flag Day by Decree-Law nº 5,695, of September 2nd, 1971. This choice aims to commemorate the adoption of the flag as a national symbol and highlights the importance of this representative element for the identity and unity of the country.

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