Gordon receives an old-fashioned hard slap from Angela: ‘What a bastard!’

Well, the party is complete: Angela de Jong also has an opinion about the completely wrong comeback interview of the troubled Gordon. “What a piece of cake!”


You only have one chance to get it right with a comeback interview and boy did Gordon screw it up again. After a months-long media break, he made his appearance yesterday in the winter special of Casa di Beau. The perfect opportunity to save his TV career and present yet another reborn Gordon. But none of that…

Angela cynical

Gordon reignites his love affair with Gavin Rozario and more or less blames him to be schizophrenic. Just like his brother who took his own life, he adds delicately. And Beau van Erven Dorens? He has permanently damaged by agreeing to all this on national television. What a disappointment.

The country’s most important TV columnist, Angela de Jong, has also watched it and is scathing about it AD. “Gordon, our national pet narcissist who was given all the space by Beau van Erven Dorens to deflate about the ‘blackest year of his life’ in which he was asked to marry after a relationship of three fantastic days,” she writes cynically.

‘Arme Gordon’

Shortly after the marriage proposal, Gordon was dumped again. “And then he says he made two suicide attempts. Poor Gordon. In the meantime, he delicately dismissed his ex as a schizophrenic and then he also had the audacity to claim that character assassination had been committed against him.”

It is clear: Angela is still not on team Goor. What does she think of Beau’s lack of critical questions? “That’s fine with guests like Kees van der Spek. But not with Gordon. There are limits to what you can offer the viewer in terms of nonsense and there are limits to what you can do as a program maker, especially someone of Beau’s stature.”

Geer & Goor

So, so. Beau really comes out of that TV broadcast with Gordon quite battered. The danger of being dragged into the image ravine with Goor is always lurking, but Gerard Joling now seems to be getting out of it.

After a period of rumors about a comeback by Geer & Goor, RTL and Talpa are leaving today RTL Boulevard know no need for such a show. “There are no discussions going on and there are no plans,” says RTL. And Talpa says that ‘this is not an issue’.

Then all that remains for Gordon is the shelter for pathetic TV hedgehogs: Jan Slagter’s broadcaster MAX.

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