Goodbye to Chandler from ‘Friends’, Matthew Perry has died

Matthew Perry has died at the age of 54, apparently drowning in a hot tub. The news was reported by the gossip site TMZ and the LA Times. The actor was found in his home in Los Angeles by rescuers called for a heart attack. No drugs or traces of an erotic game gone wrong were found on the spot. Matthew Perry was famous throughout the world for his role in the hit 90s sitcom, which aired for 10 seasons and in which he took part in all 234 episodes. Affable, optimistic and ready to joke on screen, Matthew had recently spoken about his personal difficulties, in particular his addiction to drugs and alcohol. In a memoir “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing” he shared shocking details about his life and past troubles.


Cast di ‘Friends’

At 14, he first encountered alcohol and realized that it “had a completely different effect” on him than his friends. While they had vomited, he “lying on the grass” had felt a sensation of well-being: “nothing bothered me”. From that moment, he recalls, he started drinking and never stopped and by the time he got the role of Chandler Bing he was already an alcoholic. Even though Perry tried to hide his condition, his castmates (Jennifer Aniston, in particular) had been “understanding and patient.”

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Cast di ‘Friends’

So Perry had alternated rehabilitation and recovery for years. His alcohol addiction worsened in 1997 after an accident on a jet ski: due to some very painful injuries, he began using an opioid painkiller, and soon began abusing it. In 2018, when he was 49 years old, the actor suffered a gastrointestinal perforation caused by the extreme use of opioids.

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