Goodbye Rock’n’roll”, Omar Pedrini in concert at the Viper in Florence

Omar Pedrinione of the most influential pens on the Italian singer-songwriter scene, celebrates 35 years of career by returning to the scene together with Omar Pedrini Band, with the first part of a tour that will prove special, nostalgic and powerful. It will indeed begin Friday 27 October 2023 at 9.30 pm from the Viper Club of Florence (Piazza Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin, 5), to then continue throughout the Peninsula, the first part of Omar Pedrini 35, from Timoria to today: Goodbye Rock’n’rollWhat will be l’ultimo tour rock by the Brescia artist, before a new album that will make a mark a change of direction in career and style of “Uncle Rock”, as second generation fans like to call him.

The tour will then also the last chance to listen to his successes, cult songs that have marked 35 years of career, from Timoria to today. In fact, there will be no shortage of songs taken from “Journey Without Wind” and “2020 Speedball”, up to the records that brought him back into vogue with the help of the ignition of Noel Gallagher in its English phase with “What am I going to do in London” e “Suspended“.

«I have always given myself completely to my beloved audience, “anema and core” and, when I stopped, it was precisely because of the rogue “core”, which has forced me to take long breaks over the last 20 years. But as a Warrior as I am defined, I always have great enthusiasm at the idea of ​​returning to the stage. This time the occasion is even more important, because I am celebrating 35 years of my career. It will be nice to smell for the umpteenth time the smell of those stages on which I will find my sweat, sometimes my blood, but also many memories of a life spent for rock’n’roll and in which I hope to see many friendly faces again and new friends. Also because it will be my “last round of rock’n’roll”: I have decided to look my future in the face and dedicate myself to a new me, bringing something completely new into my career and which, at this moment in my life, it better represents my artistic and personal growth.» – comments Omar Pedrini.

With Omar on stage there will be the now well-tested Omar Pedrini Band, formed by Carlo “Octopus” Poddighe (guitar, keyboard and vocals), Stefano Malchiodi (drums), Mirco Pantano (bass and vocals), Davide Apollo (vocals), Simone Zoni (guitar and vocals). A real rock family who ranges from 25 to 56 (Omar), and who has been accompanying him in concerts for the past 12 years.

The tour will be preceded by a new excerpt from “Suspended”Omar Pedrini’s latest album for Virgin Music LAS (Universal Music Italia): the rock prayer (the last one) entitled “Sweet Mary”.

The tour is organized by IMARTS (International Music and Arts). Details on pre-sales will be announced shortly on Omar Pedrini’s official channels and on

This first part of the tour will be followed by a second winter onewhich will be announced on the artist’s official channels. A big surprise for all fans will also be announced shortly.

The first dates announced are:
27 October – Florence, Viper Club
3 November – Bergamo, Druso
11 November – Rome, Largo Venue
17 November – Roncade (TV), New Age
23 November – Isola Della Scala (VR) Free entry

Omar Pedrini singer-songwriter from Brescia, born in ’67, began his musical career in the ’80s with the band Precious Time of which he was the lead guitarist and author of lyrics. In 1987, with the first successes, the band changed its name to Timoria. After the successes with the band, from sold out tours to numerous successful albums such as “Viaggio Senza Vento” (1993), “2020 SpeedBall” (1995), “El Topo Grand Hotel” (2001), etc. he began his new artistic career in 2002 which highlights his open attitude towards the most varied fields of art:

Musician – He made his debut as a soloist in 2004 at the Sanremo Festival with “Lavoro amministrazione” receiving the special prize for the best text in addition to the previous critics’ prize for “L’uomo che ride” with Timoria in 1991. Among his solo albums “ Beatnik” (1996), “Vidomàr” (2004), “Bread, Butter and Medicine” (2006), “What am I going to do in London?” (2014, recorded in Manchester after a meeting with Noel Gallagher and the producer of Oasis), “Come Se Non ci Fosse Un Domani” (2017, album in which he speaks to young people and encourages them to take their future into their own hands and make hear their voice. Inside, the album contains important collaborations with Noel Gallagher, Ian Anderson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the Royal Albert Hall College Orchestra).

Author and television and radio host – In 2004 he wrote the experimental program “Robin Hood” (2004) for Rai. Between 2005 and 2007 he wrote and hosted “Nu-Roads”, short pills on new trends and folk groups broadcast on Saturday afternoon on Rai 2. Also for Rai he wrote “Milano in Musica”, broadcast at the end of 2005. In for the two-year period 2007-2008 he presented the program “School of Rock” on Rai 2. In 2009 he landed on the Gambero Rosso satellite channel with “Gamberock”. Between the autumn of 2012 and the spring of 2013 he was on the screens of Rai 5 with his new program “Pop – Journey inside a song” which tells the genesis and background of the most successful songs on the Italian music scene. In 2010 he was the musical testimonial of the nascent Rai 5 for which he wrote and hosted “Rock ei his brothers”.

Radio – In 2011 he made his radio debut on Rai Isoradio and as the author of “Contromano” he won the golden headphones for best debut.

Cinema and Theatre – In 2006 he was the protagonist with Roberta Garzia of the short film “A farmhouse, two chalks and many ricci” directed by Claudio Uberti. In 2011 she created the title track of the soundtrack of the film “The Littlest Son” by Pupi Avati in which she also played a cameo. She then performs in the Franco Parenti Theater in Milan with “Sangue Impazzito – the first 24 hours of myth by John Belushi” written and created with Nicola Nocella.

Writer – On 30 September 2017 “Cane loose” will be released in bookstores, published by Chinaski Edizioni: a novel co-written with the writer Federico Scarioni, which tells the intense biography of Omar made up of courage, choices against the trend and difficult moments, with the preface by Manuel Agnelli.

Teaching – Since 2005 he has been a teacher of “Laboratory of composition and creation of a pop song” at the Master in Musical Communication for Discography and Media of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan.

On 18 May 2014 Verdiano Vera gave him the FIM Award for best Italian rock artist as part of the FIM, the Genoa International Music Fair.

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