Goodbye Enas Al-Saqqa.. The martyrdom of a Palestinian artist and her children in Gaza.. Infographic

Great sadness after the death of the Palestinian artist Enas Al-Saqqa And her children, Lynn, Sarah, and Ibrahim, as a result of the continuous bombing of the Gaza Strip. We publish in the following infographic a number of information about the late Enas Al-Saqqa:

Enas Al-Saqqa

– One of the first female workers in the Gaza theater.

– I implemented many drama and theater workshops with children, and participated in many community interactive activities.

The late Enas Al-Saqqa presented several artistic works, including “Something Uncle Besir” and “The Bear,” and she also presented works for children.

– She participated in many workshops with the Ishtar Theater in Jerusalem and the Swedish Academy.

– I studied interior engineering.

– Skills trainer for one of the Palestinian associations.

– I presented various workshops, including a workshop with female graduates of the College of Mass Communication on training in communication and leadership skills.

She left our world under the rubble with her children, Lynn, Sarah, and Ibrahim, in Gaza, while her daughters, Rita and Farah, were in intensive care.

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