Good news about Angham’s threatening message: It must be translated into different languages ​​and delivered to all peoples

The artist Bushra commented on the threatening message that the Israelis sent to the singer Angham on her phone, in the tweet that she posted on her personal account via Instagram, saying: The threatening message must be translated into different languages, and delivered to all the peoples of the world, so that people know more and verify the practices of war criminals.

Angham published the message she received on her personal account on Instagram and commented on it, saying: “I received an extremely despicable threatening message on my private phone, a threat that only elicited mockery laughter from me, indicating weakness, meanness, and helplessness.”

Angham continued: “We know very well who you are: occupiers, rapists, and thugs. This is how the world knew you, and this is how we will consign you to the dustbins of history, if history remembers you at all.”

Angham continued: “I am not defending Egypt, because this message is the greatest evidence that its wound is still deep on your forehead that we have broken. Egypt will forever remain a nightmare from which you will not wake up, and its land will remain free and independent, a witness to your meanness, always reminding you of the darkest moments your people have ever lived.” .

Angham added: “The land of Sinai will forever bear witness to your terrible defeat, which we will celebrate from now on every hour, not every year.”

She concluded her speech: “The heroic people of Palestine, the owners of the land and the truth, will remain until the Day of Judgment, despite your systematic ethnic genocide, and we will meet soon in which you will see Israel as dust under our feet.”

Avichay Adraee, the official spokesman for the Israeli occupation army, attacked the artist Angham through his Twitter account, after she wrote a post in which she said: “May God take you and relieve us from your distress,” following his posts in which he referred to the attack on Gaza and its residents by the occupation army.

In turn, the star Angham responded by publishing a post on Twitter, saying: “What is your name!! Without sophistication or politeness, because you do not deserve politeness in speech or interaction. My name is Angham, an Egyptian Arab singer. Do you know what Egyptian means? It means Egypt.”

Angham continued: “Sophistication and politeness are only with the classy, ​​not with those like you, Zionist. We Egyptians know humanity when we sold you the prisoners. You were sick, hidden in your pajamas. Do you remember? After the Egyptian army defeated you in the 1973 war and returned the Sinai from you who were occupying it, you usurpers.”

Angham added: “Humanity is innocent of people like you and the actions of your group and your brutal Nazi army, the killers of children, women and innocent civilians. Religion is innocent of your actions and lies, and for every action there is a reaction.”

Angham continued: “Look at how many things you have done since the day you occupied the land of Palestine. What is your name? Palestine and its people are resisting a brutal, crazy, rapist occupier, you murderers of children, and animals are innocent of your brutality.”

Angham concluded her talk with the Qur’anic verse: The Almighty said, “And do not think that those who are killed in the way of God are dead, but rather alive, being provided for by their Lord.”

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