Girona and Leverkusen leaders: check out the European championships

After stoppages at the end of the year and dates reserved for the dispute of national cups, the European championships they came back full steam ahead. In the five main competitions on the Old Continent, the highlight is the great campaigns of less traditional teams that dream of fighting for the cup until the end.

O Girona, by Brazilians Savinho and Yan Couto, has had a surprising season and continues to lead in Spain. The 5-1 defeat of Sevilla last Sunday, the 21st, took the Catalan team to 51 points. Following behind, Real Madrid have 50 points and one game in hand. Further away, Barcelona is third with 44 points.

The competition in England is tighter and there is less distance between the leaders. Leader, Liverpool has 48 points, followed by Manchester City, Arsenal and Aston Villa, all with 43 points. Citizens have one game less, which allows them to dream of another recovery towards the title. A little further away with 40 points, Tottenham is in fifth place.

Xabi Alonso leads the sensational and undefeated Bayer Leverkusen - INA FASSBENDER / AFP
Xabi Alonso commands the sensational and undefeated Bayer Leverkusen – INA FASSBENDER / AFP

Undefeated and the sensation of the season, Bayer Leverkusen dreams of overthrowing Bayern Munich’s monopoly. With one game more than the Bavarians, the team coached by Xabi Alonso has 48 points, against 41 for the runners-up who dream of winning their 12th consecutive national championship. Stuttgart, RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund and Eintracht Frankfurt close the qualifying zone for European competitions.

Counting on a fierce dispute, Italy has Juventus at the top, with 52 points. In second and with one game in hand, Inter Milan have 51. Further back, Milan have 45 and seem in a more delicate situation thinking about the title.

Parisian hegemony is increasingly lasting – and this year there is no indication that it will be broken. Leader, PSG has 43 points and is eight behind vice-leader, Nice. Led by Mbappé, the team is in a comfortable position in the table.

Top five in European leagues:

Spanish Championship

1. Girona – 52 points
2. Real Madrid – 51 points
3. Barcelona – 44 points
4. Athletic Bilbao – 41 pontos
5. Atlético de Madrid – 38 points

English Championship

1. Liverpool – 48 points
2. Manchester City – 43 points
3. Arsenal – 43 points
4. Aston Villa – 43 points
5. Tottenham – 40 points

German Championship

1. Bayer Leverkusen – 48 points
2. Bayern Munich – 41 points
3. Stuttgart – 34 points
4. RB Leipzig – 33 points
5. Borussia Dortmund – 33 points

Italian Championship

1. Juventus – 52 points
2. Inter – 51 points
3. Milan – 45 points
4. Fiorentina – 34 points
5. Atalanta – 33 points

French Championship

1. PSG – 43 points
2. Nice – 35 points
3. Brest – 34 points
4. Monaco – 33 points
5. Small – 31 pontos

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