Gimnasia beat San Lorenzo in the last one

Those 90 minutes that he had already played against Cerro Largo seemed to give a rhythm to Gym what Saint Lawrence, in his first game of the year, he had a hard time finding. Bah, he never really achieved continuity… And that ended reflecting in the result at the end of the match in Ivo Mammini’s 1-0.

Right from the start, when there were barely seconds of play, Madelón’s team moved the ball and ended up near Facundo Altamirano. It was a warning of how the game would play out, because that was repeated several times, although there were no major dangerous situations, neither in one arc nor in the other.

El Ciclón, on the other hand, only managed to get ahead on the field after several minutes of play. Was from the feet of Eric Remedi, one of the new ones, who began to try to move the ballfound a partner at times in Elián Irala and two tireless at the top, like Bareiro and Tarragonaanother of the reinforcements.

There were no great scoring chances, but Every corner kick that Pablo De Blasis took moved the shelves of the Barça background. In the first time, The ball crossed the entire line of the goal and no one managed to push it and in the complement, With time already up, Ivo Mammini anticipated Gastón Hernández very well at the near post and scored the only goal of the matchthe one that gave Lobo the second victory in 2024.

Of course, not everything was joy for Gimnasia. The thing is The bad news of the day was for the La Plata teamgiven that In the second half, Guillermo Enrique had to be injured, with a lot of pain in one of his knees.a fact that left Leonardo Madelón and his coaching staff with considerable concern.

San Lorenzo showed the usual commitment, it was in debt in the generation of play, something that always cost it but on Monday night it did not have Nahuel Barrios (ruled out due to a muscle discomfort) and it no longer has Maroni. But of course, it’s the first game, there’s still time to work and Ruben Insua waits for more reinforcements… The Cyclone waits, the Wolf, with two wins, is there.

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