Gilmar Mendes determines the return of Ednaldo Rodrigues to command the CBF

Almost a month after being removed from the presidency of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), By decision of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro (TJRJ), Ednaldo Rodrigues can return to command of the entity. Late this Thursday afternoon (4), Minister Gilmar Mendes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), granted an injunction suspending the decision of the Rio Court who had removed Rodrigues from office.

The minister responded, in part, to the request of the Communist Party of Brazil (PcdoB), which filed a direct action of unconstitutionality (ADI) in the STF last week, questioning the TJRJ’s decision that removed Rodrigues from the post.. Furthermore, the PcdoB argued that there was “an imminent risk of the Brazilian Under 23 team not registering in the pre-Olympic tournament, whose deadline ends this Friday (5).

In the preliminary decision, Gilmar Mendes, rapporteur of the case, highlights that FIFA, the highest entity that regulates football in the world, sent successive letters to Brazil stating that it does not recognize as legitimate the intervenor appointed by the TJRJ for the CBF, José Perdiz, president of Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD). The minister also reiterates the risk of the men’s Olympic team losing the Pre-Olympics.

“In this situation, there is a risk of imminent loss, since the registration of players from the Brazilian team in the qualifying tournament for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which must be finalized by tomorrow (5), would remain unfeasible.”

Before granting the injunction, Gilmar Mendes also considered the statements made this morning (4) by the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), Paulo Gonet Branco, and the Attorney General of the Republic (AGU). Both defended the suspension of the TJRJ decision that removed Rodrigues from command of the CBF.

In concluding the order, Gilmar Mendes emphasizes “that the precautionary provision now granted does not matter in any state intervention in the CBF; on the contrary, it privileges its autonomy by restoring the effectiveness of the specific act through which the entity elected its leaders, namely the General Electoral Assembly held on March 23, 2022”.

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