Gianni Sperti is engaged, the commentator of Men and Women: I’m officially in love

Gianni Sperti took to Instagram to announce that he was in love. The commentator for Men and Women preferred to say it personally, before the newspapers spread the news.

Gianni Sperti is romantically involved. The news in his private life was announced by the commentator himself Men and women. The fifty-year-old preferred to communicate the news personally to those who follow him on social media, before the newspapers spread it.

Gianni Sperti is engaged, the announcement on Instagram

Gianni Sperti has been one of the faces of Men and Women for years. In the program hosted by Maria De Filippi, he plays the role of the commentator alongside Tina Cipollari and Tinì Cansino. Despite being on TV every day, Sperti has always maintained great confidentiality about his private life. In these hours, however, he wanted to publicly announce that he was engaged. In a story published on Instagram he declared:

Before you read it on the various blogs and online newspapers I prefer to tell you directly here: I am officially in love.

The private life of Gianni Sperti

Gianni Sperti married Paola Barale in 1998. A marriage that ended less than four years later. Since then, the dancer and commentator of Men and Women has always been very reserved about his private life. Guest of the Verissimo program last April, in an interview given to Silvia Toffanin declared:

After Paola Barale I loved with a lot of passion, but it was a slightly sick love with a lot of jealousy, we closed ourselves off a bit, we eliminated our friends. And when I felt suffocated the story ended. […] The thing that bothers me is that even today there is this desire to know or think or ask the person what sexual orientation they have. Whether I am homosexual or not, maybe yes, maybe no, I will never say. Because saying it means putting on a label and therefore making a difference and being different from one or another group. I don’t come and ask you “Silvia, are you straight?”, I would like human beings to be categorized only on the basis of being good or bad, the rest doesn’t matter.

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