Gianni Celeste at Ciao Darwin makes Paolo Bonolis move

Gianni Celeste returns to Ciao Darwin to sing his catchphrase: even Paolo Bonolis ends up being moved.

In the second episode of Hi Darwin 9 A great catchphrase from a couple of seasons ago is back. Let’s talk about Poor Seagull, you have lost your companiona TikTok trend from a couple of seasons ago taken from the song You like her by Gianni Celeste. The neomelodic singer-songwriter himself was one of the protagonists of the episode, as part of the melodic team led by Da Vinci Hall. The song was performed in an unreleased orchestral version by Gianni Celeste in person, in front of an incredulous (and moved) Paolo Bonolis. During the episode, Gianni Celeste also sang another great hit: Without you there is no well, claiming that “we melodicists have always sung about love”.

The catchphrase Poor Seagull

Gianni Celeste is a sort of holy man in Campania, thanks to a career that can count on a series of extremely popular catchphrases in the Neapolitan area, as in the whole province. In 2022, with the explosion of TikTok, one of the singer’s most famous songs, Tu comme a me, went viral thanks to the clip cut right to one of the song’s phrases: Poor seagull, you have lost your mate. Thousands of views in a very short time have effectively relaunched the career of the neomelodic singer, extremely popular in the 90s and 2000s. In the wake of this renewed success, the song Tu comme a me once again entered the top of the singles charts prompting the singer to carry out a national tour called obviously Poor Seagull tour.

Gianni Celeste’s career

Perhaps not everyone knows that Gianni Celeste is not Neapolitan. In fact, Gianni Celeste was born in Catania and represents one of the many singers from Catania who approached Neapolitan neomelodic song. His references have always been Mario Trevi and Nino D’Angelo. His debut in 1985 with the album Ricordi d’estate, which sold more than fifty thousand copies. From that moment, a great success in the neo-melodic market which also led him to shoot a film, Vite Perdute by Giorgio Castellani.

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