Gessica Notaro, very romantic dress for a fairytale wedding

Love found again for Gessica Notaro he has the shape and heart of Filippo Bologni, a six-time show jumping champion jockey. And, from a sartorial point of view, he transforms into a wedding dress like a true fairytale princess, white, traditional, with DNA that couldn’t be more romantic.

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This is the look chosen by the showgirl who, on her birthday marriage to the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, ten kilometers from Torinopronouncing his “yes, I want it” in the presence of around 500 guests.

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Thus September 18th becomes for her the date in which she definitively left behind her dark past, the acid attack by theex boyfriend in 2017, for which she remained disfigured in total.

After numerous operations that saved her life and restored her smile, Gessica found it true and pure love with Filippo with which he does couple since four years.

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