Gaza without internet, Musk: «Starlink will guarantee the network to NGOs». Israel opposes: “We will use all means to hinder him”

“We will use all the means at our disposal to hinder him.” This was said by Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi (Likud), opposing the decision Elon Musk to guarantee – via its satellite system Starlink by SpaceX – internet connections to recognized humanitarian NGOs operating in the Gaza Strip. According to Karhi, Musk should condition those connections «on the release of our hostages: babies, men, women, elderly people, everyone. Until then – he warned – our communications ministry will break all ties with Starlink,” the minister said on commercial television Ch. 12. The Tesla owner’s decision came after the alarm raised by non-governmental organizations about the interruption of telecommunications and the internet in the Strip, caused by intense Israeli bombing. «This information blackout – declared HRW (the human rights organization Human Rights Watch) official Deborah Brown – risks serving as a cover for mass atrocities and contributing to impunity for human rights violations» . Starlink is the largest satellite constellation in the world, headed by billionaire Elon Musk. It can provide a satellite internet connection anywhere, the so-called internet everywhere. The broadband system was developed by the space company SpaceX, and is based on the use of approximately thousands of satellites orbiting our planet. Even after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the owner of Twitter and Tesla had decided to donate access to the internet service at no cost to all the Kiev military departments involved in the resistance against the Russian army.

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