Gaza War: Why is Egypt concerned about the collapse of the temporary truce in the Gaza Strip – Al-Ayyam Palestinian newspaper

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The resumption of fighting in the Gaza Strip raises concerns

We begin our tour of the newspapers published on Saturday with the Palestinian newspaper Al-Ayyam, which published an article by the Egyptian writer Hassan Abu Talib entitled “Egypt and Post-Armistice Anxiety” about a number of major questions that raise Egypt’s concern about what is happening in the Gaza Strip, and what these events could lead to. Bearing threats and challenges that require a decisive stance and diligent movements in more than one direction.

The writer says that Egyptian policy combines working to build a state of calm on the one hand, that is, stopping the killing machine completely, and then examining the issues and problems of the transitional phase in Gaza, which seems inevitable, as well as reviving the historical solution to the Palestinian issue according to the vision of the two states on the other hand.

Abu Talib stresses that there is a red line that cannot be conceded in Egyptian policy, which is preventing Palestinian exodus from Gaza to Egypt, or to other countries.

He says, “Despite the apparent compatibility between the new American position recently expressed by President Joe Biden, who rejects Israel’s occupation of Gaza and the principle of forced displacement, and calls for a commitment to the two-state solution, and for the rule of the Gaza Strip to be in the hands of the Palestinians themselves and the Authority, after its renewal – as he described it – and the position Al-Masry in general, it is very difficult to rely on these positions as final, as we have become very accustomed to the change in American and Western positions as long as Israel objects to them and knows how to thwart them from within the American itself.”

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