Gaza War: What do we know about the Taba and Nuweiba explosions in Egypt near the borders with Israel and Gaza?


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Several hours after two successive explosions occurred in southern Sinai, Egypt, near the borders with Israel and the Gaza Strip, the Egyptian army announced in a brief statement that investigations showed that two drones had fallen, coming from the south to the north of the Red Sea, one of which was targeted outside Egyptian airspace in the Gulf region. Aqaba.

Before this statement, users on social media sites in Egypt pointed fingers at various parties, including Israel, but what do we know so far about these two incidents?

Explosion near Taba Hospital

In the early hours of Friday morning, an object exploded after it fell from the sky onto a hospital and ambulance hospital doctors’ residence in the coastal city of Taba, causing minor injuries to six people, according to an Egyptian government statement.

The city of Taba is located on the eastern border of Egypt, and is connected by a land border to the city of Eilat in southern Israel, and is more than 200 kilometers away from the border city of Rafah with the Gaza Strip.

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