Gaza War: The attack on Rafah is the “key to victory” for Israel, and Hamas warns of a “global massacre” – newspapers

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Destruction in Rafah as a result of Israeli bombing

In light of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s insistence on the necessity of invading the city of Rafah in a ground operation to “eliminate Hamas,” the movement threatened that the operation would undermine the chances of exchanging detainees in the Gaza Strip.

An article in the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, entitled “The Rafah invasion threatens to displace half of Gaza’s population,” stated that Netanyahu is adhering to the operation in Rafah, ignoring the increasing international warnings about the consequences of this attack.

According to the newspaper: “The population of the city, where about 1.3 million displaced people reside, in addition to about 250,000 of its original residents, in an area not exceeding 64 square kilometers, are now threatened with displacement amid fears of new massacres.”

Netanyahu stressed that Israel would provide “safe passage for the civilian population” before the expected attack, rejecting fears about a “disaster,” saying, “We are working on developing a detailed plan to do this… We are not ignoring this matter.”

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