“Gaza exposed you.” Abu Trika’s message about the aggression takes the lead in the sports scene

Yesterday, Saturday, Egyptian football legend Mohamed Aboutrika sent a message to the world through his first appearance as a sports commentator after an absence from the screen that continued throughout the period of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October.

Aboutrika, who chose to be absent from the analysis studio for the English Premier League on BEIN channels Throughout the warYesterday afternoon, before the summit match between Manchester City and Liverpool, which ended in a positive 1-1 draw.

“Long live Palestine”

When asked about his absence, Abu Trika replied: “As long as Gaza is not fine, I am not fine,” adding: “Fifty days and the hypocritical world is silent, silent, fifty days, twenty thousand martyrs died, fifty days, 8,000 Palestinian children were martyred, fifty days, and thousands Women were martyred, and the world is deaf and dumb, so they do not understand.”

Abu Trika continued with his message, saying: “We exposed you, Gaza exposed everyone, Gaza exposed the shame and evils of the world, that world that says about itself that it is free, free for what? This is the only issue in the world, in which the truth is clear, and falsehood is known, but you are silent about falsehood.” And you will not support the truth.”

The former stadium star concluded his message by saying: “By God Almighty, let us support the truth. Long live Palestine. Long live Palestine. Long live Palestine.” Palestine“.

Abu Trika’s message spread widely across social media, sparking widespread interaction from Palestine and Arab and Islamic countries, where the name of the modern Egyptian star was topped on the “X” platform.

“new crossing”

After the launch of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation by the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas,” on October 7th, Abu Trika commented on the “X” platform, considering that the operation amounted to “New transit For future generations,” one day after the anniversary of the Egyptian-Israeli crossing war in 1973, in which the Egyptian army crossed the eastern bank of the Suez Canal.

Abu Trika, the current sports journalist and former Al-Ahly club star, has always been famous for his support of the Palestinian cause, especially since he received a warning from the International Federation in 2008 when he was a player in the Egyptian national team, after revealing the slogan “Solidarity with Gaza” at the moment he scored a goal against the national team. Sudanese during the African Cup of Nations.

Among those who interacted with Abu Trika’s message yesterday was the Egyptian journalist Mohamed Tammam, who said: “Whoever did it in 2008 while he was a player, recording his position in front of the whole world, and was ready to pay any price for it, what were you waiting for from him this time? Only the name is enough.” “It explains a lot about Muhammad Abu Trika.”

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