Gary Medel mocked Soteldo after Santos’ relegation in Brazil

Gary Medel and the Vasco da Gama They celebrated. After a dramatic day, the Chilean and his squad were saved from relegation in the Brasileirao, after defeating RB Bragantino 2-1 and outscore Santos, who lost the category for the first time in its history.

After the salvation, the “Pitbull” made a live broadcast through his Instagram account, where he was happy, euphoric and took advantage of making fun of the Venezuelan Yeferson Soteldo. “Let him get on top of the ball now, let him get on top of the ball. Asshole,” The two-time champion of America with the Red held out on the llanero.

It should be noted that last October, the Venezuelan, a Santos figure, provoked rivals in Peixe’s 4-1 win over Almirante. On the occasion, near the end of the match, He stood on the ball, to perform a canchereada, so the Chilean went to fight with him and ended up expelled.

It was the 61st minute, with his team losing 3-1, when the national defender got carried away by the provocation of midfielder Yefferson Soteldo, who stood over the ball. This did not sit well with Pitbull and he ended up attacking the Venezuelan, creating an unnecessary fight.

As a result of this, the referee decided to show him the red card (although he was later acquitted), the same fate as his rivals Lucas Lima and Rodrigo Fernández, from Santos, who were also involved in the brawl.

Gary Medel ended up very emotional yesterday after the game and this is how Vasco’s networks portrayed him

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