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Phrases, photos and even a beautiful poem to send to friends on the night “that takes away all the holidays”.

“The Befana comes at night…”: January 6th is near and it’s time to do the usual things congratulations fun for friends and relatives. Here are some funny phrases and images that can be sent on WhatsApp or on social media to make loved ones smile in this final phase of the Christmas holidays.

  • Funny wishes for the Befana (2)
  • Funny wishes for the Befana (1)
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Funny wishes for the Befana

Here are some funny phrases to be sent on the night between 5 and 6 January.

  • “Remember to test the broom before flying. And cover yourself well!”
  • “A few simple rules before setting off: 1) Polish the broom; 2) Cover yourself well; 3) Say hello to all your friends in flight.”
  • “A recommendation to my Befane friends: wrap up well because it’s cold. And be careful not to collide while flying with your brooms!”
  • “Are you ready for Epiphany night? Remember to send me a selfie while you’re in flight!”
  • “I personally wanted to thank all my Befane friends for the gift they will give me in the stocking. Please remember: no coal.”
  • “We only have one Santa Claus, but the world is full of Befanas! Best wishes to all of you.”

Original phrases and poetry

For those who would like to focus on more original and affectionate greetings for the Befana, here are some ideas:

  • “Dear Befana, you are old and a little ugly, but I love you for who you are. Congratulations!”
  • “Heartfelt greetings to all my Befane friends. You are wonderful just the way you are.”
  • “The Befana comes at night with her shoes all broken, she brings gifts to the little ones if they don’t act naughty, she brings gifts to those who are good. And you, are you one of them?”.

And for literature lovers, a beautiful one poetry Of Gianni Rodari entitled “Alla Befana”

They told me, dear Befana,
that you fill the sock with wool,
that all children, if they are good,
from you they receive rich gifts.
I have always been good
but you never brought me a gift.
Also on the calendar this year
you come right on time,
but I’m scared, poor guy,
that you travel by direct train:
a train that skips many stations
where there are good children.
I sent you this letter
to get you on the fast track!
O dear Befana, take a train
that stops at every child’s house,
that stops at the homes of the poor
with many gifts and many confetti.

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Befana photo by Elisa from Pixabay

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