From ‘you’re stupid’ to hugs: Mano loses patience with Yuri Alberto and explains

Mano Menezes e Yuri Alberto starred in the big scenes on Saturday (27) during the Corinthians defeat to São Bernardo. The coach lost patience with his pupil, got angry on the edge of the field and then had a long conversation that ended with a hug to seal peace. At the end of the game, it was up to Mano to explain what happened.

“The game is a place where words are strong, but we hug each other afterwards because we know that the charge is not personal. The attitude may have been stupid at that moment, you can’t make a foul attack if you have one too many. It’s always about the attitude, not the person. Anyone who gave a little kick knows that it’s like this. Let’s keep telling football people, if they want to do a reality show, I think they have to go to something else”, said Mano.

“He (Yuri) has dedicated himself a lot, always in every training session, in every game, he is a guy who gives himself to the team, but he is going through a difficult time. It is in this difficult time that we have to be on the side them, charge hard, but give affection. That’s how we are, this is part of the coach’s job. Our team needs to build more for him, it’s a player who depends more on this construction. If we look at the game in itself, Yuri didn’t make a mistake. The center forward needs to receive the ball in a better condition, and this is our obligation as a team and as a player’s characteristic to get the best out of Yuri, I’m sure this will happen”, he added when asked specifically about the hug.

The move that caused all the confusion was a foul by Yuri Alberto while trying to pressure the defender Hélder. The Corinthians striker arrived late and ended up committing the infraction that stopped the game for a while, as he left his rival on the ground asking for medical attention. Annoyed, Mano Menezes shouted at the edge of the field:

“You are dumb? You are dumb?”.

A while later, Mano decided to remove Yuri to replace the boy Arthur Sousa, Copinha champion with Corinthians. Upon leaving the field, the center forward went towards the coach to ask questions. The two talked for a long time and hugged each other.

Mano also talked about the classic next Tuesday (30), in front of the São Pauloat Neo Química Arena.

“Tuesday’s game will put two teams at different stages, I think that’s unanimous. São Paulo has a team ready, and we are starting a reconstruction, but I know that when the referee blows the whistle, no one will want to know that, and they won’t be the first time that a more structured team is beaten by one that is just starting to be assembled. What we have to build to match, is to have a great capacity for competition, organization, lower the level of error, so that with our fans , who is brilliant and has demonstrated in recent weeks what he has done, a fan who puts 80,000 in one of the youth games. It’s Corinthians. All of this will be our strength on Tuesday, we have to unite all of this to equal a game and fight for victory, which is always our obligation”, he concluded.

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