from Gomorrah to the escape of Temptation Island

Ciro Petrone is among the competitors of the new one Big Brother 2023. The Canale 5 reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini has closed the circle of the cast with the entry of the actor known to the general public for having participated in “Gomorrah”, the 2008 film directed by Matteo Garrone!

Who is Ciro Petrone, the contestant of Big Brother 2023

And Gomorrah al Big Brother 2023. It’s the story of Ciro Petrone, the Neapolitan actor among the contestants of the new edition of the Canale 5 reality show. The “Gomorrah” actor has crossed the red door, but this time he promises not to run away! Born in 1987, Ciro was born on 11 October in Naples. His life changed in 2008 when he was chosen by Matteo Garrone to play the role of “character” in the cult film “Gomorrah” based on the novel of the same name by Roberto Saviano. A role that changed his life with which he also won the Actor of the Year Award during the XIII edition of the Capri Hollywood – International Film Festival.

Subsequently he acted in many films: from “Amare Amaro” to “Gramigna”, from “The cloth of dreams” to “L’Oro di Scampia” up to “The accountant of the mafia”, “Song ‘e Napule”, “Love is all you Need” and “Reality”.

Ciro Petrone, success with Gomorra and participation in Temptation Island Vip

After his great success as an actor, Ciro Petrone also succumbs to the charm of television by participating in various reality shows. The first is “The farm“: it was 2015 when the actor put himself on the line, winning fifth place. Subsequently in 2019 he decided to get involved with his girlfriend Federica Caputo in the reality show of feelings “Temptation Island Vip“. His participation becomes a cult for millions of viewers, given that the actor decides to escape from the engaged village to reach his beloved. A race that made the history of the program and is still one of the most watched moments of the program today!

The actor himself recalled that event in the presentation clip for Big Brother 2023: “suddenly I didn’t understand anything anymore, I took Federica and went out. What if I’m afraid of being tempted? I say no, I’m calm. This time I won’t run away, don’t worry, that door will remain closed“. What can I say: this time his intention is to stay in the GF’s house!

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