From A Professor 2 to Gerry Scotti: everyone “runs away” from Jannik Sinner

It doesn’t often happen that a sporting event manages to postpone the debut of a highly anticipated drama like **A Professor 2 **and yet, when that sporting event has a certain Jannik Sinner as its protagonist, it is logical to expect anything. Faced with the unstoppable rise of the Italian tennis champion at Atp Finalswith that historic victory over world champion Novak Djokovic followed on Rai2 by an audience that reached 14.6% share on Rai2, the Rai1 drama produced by Banijay Italia decides to postpone its debut to Thursday 23 November in prime time on Rai1 instead of the 16th as initially planned, a clever way for the network to protect one of its flagship products from renewed interest in the new match between Jannik Sinner is the Danish Holger Rune.


However, it is not just Rai that protects such beautiful fiction A Professor 2whose protagonists will be guests at Vanity Fair Stories on November 25th (Who to sign up for free to the panel) -: Mediaset has also decided, in fact, to keep the debut of another program as a precaution, namely Io Canto Generation hosted by Gerry Scotti. At the moment, the program should be broadcast on Canale 5 Wednesday 22 November in prime time, while the new edition of Zelig will kick off on Thursday 23rd. To counter Sinner, Rai1 offers a repeat of Commissioner Montalbano – which it will therefore replace A Professor 2 -, while Canale 5 opts for a new appointment of Big Brother, the last one on Thursday – starting from the week of November 20th the reality show will, in fact, only be broadcast on Mondays.

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