from 8pm today and for 24 hours

Possible gusts of wind, even very strong, starting this evening and for the following 24 hours. The criticality concerns the hydrogeological aspect. Rough seas are also expected.

Bad weather returns to Campania. There Civil protection of the Campania Region has issued a yellow weather warning notice, with very strong winds and thunderstorms starting from 8.00 pm today, Monday 27 November 2023, and for the following 24 hours. The criticality concerns the hydrogeological aspect. Weather alert also for strong westerly winds – and temporarily very strong – with possible gusts throughout the region resulting in rough or locally very rough seas with possible storm surges along the exposed coasts.

The Civil Protection bulletin

The weather warning comes into force at 8pm this evening and ends at the same time tomorrow, Tuesday 28 November:

  • The weather picture highlights that rainfall in the northern quadrants will attenuate during the morning while it will leave the central-southern quadrants only in the afternoon.
  • The winds, however, will be strong until tomorrow evening throughout Campania and very strong especially in the morning.

The Civil Protection has recommended to the competent authorities of the entire region to activate the Municipal Operations Centers and to implement all the measures envisaged by the respective civil protection plans for the mitigation and contrast of the expected risks.

Among the main event scenarios connected to rainfall and therefore to localized hydrogeological risk are flooding, the rise in hydrometric levels of watercourses, the surface flow of water with transport of materials due to graves, narrowings, critical issues local infrastructure, rock falls and landslides. Attention must be paid even in the absence of precipitation due to the saturation of the soil.

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