Franco Nero, cries on TV with Vanessa Redgrave: ‘I think of you every day’

How to watch a great love story live on TV. Emotions, emotion and real tears in the broadcast Here…freewheeling on Rai1 given to the public by two greats of cinema, Franco Nero e Vanessa Redgravewho still love each other after so many years. Franco Nero is a guest of Francesca Fialdini to tell his cinematic story when he unexpectedly intervenes the great English actress Vanessa Redgrave, his great love. “Franco, I think about you every day. I’m almost at the end, you deserve to live much longer…”.


He bursts into tears. Fialdini’s guest retraces his career and his life. Student of Giorgio Strehler, at twenty-six thanks to the success of Django in Italy he was already an icon of spaghetti westerns. But it was never enough for him to be handsome and, as soon as possible, he left Italy to work with masters like Luis Buñuel e Rainer Werner Cooper. Today he has over two hundred films behind him and many TV series. But if the career is important, at the center of the life of Franco Nero there is a novel love story, the one with the British actress Vanessa Redgrave.

Franco Nero e Vanessa Redgrave they met in 1967 on the film set Camelot e it was love at first sight: the couple had a son, Carlo Gabriel, but the relationship was destined to end shortly after. Marriages and new loves follow. 40 years later, the flashback in 2006, initially kept secret and then revealed to the general public three years later.

Recently Franco Nero he said he accompanied the actress to Pope Francis. In an interview with Republic he says: “Vanessa has always been an atheist, she has never gone to church. But after we lost our daughter, Natasha (Richardson, who died in a skiing accident in 2009, ed.) began a journey, also because our son Carlo is very religious, and she got closer to faith”.


A couple of years ago the actress had explained their long-distance relationship: she between a house in the English countryside, “where there is no connection and therefore I have to go to London to work”. While Franco “continues to work in various films and still runs an orphanage in the hills just outside Rome (he is referring to the Don Bosco Village in Tivoli, ed.), something he has been doing since before I met him. I, on the other hand, have a small film company with my son Carlo, and it is not always easy to find the necessary financing. Indeed, it is always the most complicated thing.”

Despite the physical distance and difficulties, the two remain very close today. So much so that the actress left the actor stunned with her profound and passionate video message: “My dearest. I think of you every day. We don’t see each other often, I would have liked to see you much more often… but I have lungs that don’t work well, as you know. We always tried to do our best and there were fabulous moments… really fantastic!goes on Vanessa Redgrave – I’m almost at the end, I’m 86 years old, many older than you! You have much longer to live… I recommend you my dear… my dearest! I love you very much”.

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