Former Liverpool player reveals images of degenerative disease. Look!

Stephen Darby had to retire from football early, at the age of 29, and found out about the diagnosis in 2018

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Former defender Stephen Darby revealed images of what his head looked like after a fall, caused by the degenerative disease he has. He, who started his career at Liverpool/ING, discovered the neurological disorder (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) in 2018, at the age of 29. Therefore, he had to hang up his boots earlier than expected and, since then, he has been struggling to deal with the problem.

In fact, the illness that the former defender has is becoming more incapacitated every day, in addition to directly affecting the nervous system. It also causes certain disorders in different moments of daily life, such as movements, breathing, speech and even swallowing. Darby posted photos of the wounds on the body on the Darby Rimmer MND Foundation profile.

Former Liverpool defender talks about his illness on social media

In a message on social media, Stephen explained the effects of the degenerative disease, which has no cure. He reveals that the disorder leaves him without balance and, therefore, susceptible to falling frequently, which causes even more injuries. According to the former Liverpool player, he needs help from his wife, Stephanie Houghton, 35, captain of the Manchester City women’s team.

“As the body, arms and legs become increasingly weaker, we are more likely to fall or trip. And we are unable to use our arms to break the fall. Falls are not easy and affect the family’s psychological and emotionally, as they are the ones who have to lift us off the ground and take care of us”, he said, adding afterwards.

“Daily tasks become increasingly difficult and require more effort. But I feel that effort is a privilege because, when things are more difficult, it means that I am still capable of doing them”, concluded the former player.

Darby X-ray

Darby started out at Liverpool’s academy but had few chances in the team, being loaned out to Swindow, Notts Country and Rochdale. But it was at Bradford, who signed him in 2012, that he stood out for five seasons, until moving to Bolton in 2017. It was at this London club that he retired early. He also played for England’s youth team.

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