Former Benfica player: We learned to respect Egyptian clubs because of Al-Ahly… and Gomez is the best to lead Zamalek

Armando Teixeira, the former Portugal and Benfica player, commented on the failure of his compatriot Rui Vitoria, the former coach of the Egypt national team, in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations, and his opinion of Jose Gomez, the new coach of Zamalek, and talks about the popularity Al-Ahly.

Teixeira said in statements on the “No. 10” program on the Egyptian “Al-Oula” channel: “Vitoria is a very strong coach, but football is a matter of luck, and he is one of the best coaches. I will not compare whether he is a coach for clubs or national teams, but he is one of the stubborn personalities and is well-known in Portugal. “He achieved great successes.”

He continued: “His last matches with the Egyptian national team were not successful, and this is due to luck. A person tries to show a certain strategy, but this may not work with all players.”

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When asked about his opinion of Jose Gomez as coach Zamalek New, he said: “It is wonderful and has great potential. I know Zamalek well. When I was a player, I came to Egypt and we faced Al-Ahly, but we were hearing about the two strongest teams in Egypt, Al-Ahly and Zamalek.”

He continued: “Jose Gomez is one of the best coaches, and he can prove himself in Zamalek. I watched the biographies of the previous coaches of the Whites, and I see that the strongest coach is Gomez.”

The program presenter asked him a question: What do you remember about the Benfica and Al-Ahly match in Egypt about 16 years ago? The Portuguese star answered: “Unfortunately, they are bad memories for me, because we lost 2-1. I remember very well when a team from Europe comes to face an African team.” “The issue is not as easy as some people imagine, especially Egypt and not Africa in general.”

He continued: “Egypt has strong players and there are respected clubs like Al-Ahly, which is known in Europe and internationally. We lost that match and they taught us to respect them more and more, and we will continue to respect Egyptian clubs, whether players or coaches of European clubs. There must be respect for Egyptian clubs in particular like Al-Ahly.”

He concluded: “Al-Ahly does not need me to compare it to European clubs. It is a European club. Its fans are enough. As soon as you enter the stadium, the fans shake the stadium. You feel as if you are not in Egypt. It was able to surpass Benfica, and I will never forget the crowd’s excitement and people’s love for Al-Ahly, and I remember their enthusiasm for the team. It is clear.” Al-Ahly has international popularity.”

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