Fonseca, between the illusion in River and realism: “Enzo Pérez and De la Cruz are going to be missed”

The airport screen announced the flight to Buenos Aires and the sensation was special. This time he did not have to land in Montevideo and picked up his suitcases a few kilometers away, in Ezeiza, where Nicolas Fonseca He already signed his first autographs as the first reinforcement of River 2024 model. The #5 I wanted Martin Demichelisas he made it known during the negotiations, is ready to begin the preseason with the Band after a short wait: “I am very happy, fulfilling a dream and looking forward to it. Finally the time has come…”.

His first words as a Banda player and the indelible smile in the middle of the selfies reflect the desire to face the new challenge. After passing the medical examination and signing his four-year contract at the Monumental last August, Demichelis’s decision to leave him on the other side of the Río de la Plata had a clear objective.

The fact that ending the second semester in Wanderers was to add filming, continuity And experience waiting to start 2024, which will demand a particular demand from day one, which involves fighting for a position that suffered significant losses such as those of Enzo Pérez and Nicolás de la Cruz.

“Incredible players, River idols, are leaving and they will be missed because they were the history of this great club. We all have to row together for the same side and I will contribute my grain of sand”added Nico in TyC Sports, who is not going to disassemble the suitcases because This Saturday he will perform for the first time at the Camp and during the early hours of Sunday he will fly to the United States as the first new face of the CARP in this market.

Nico Fonseca arrived in Argentina.  Photo: Mariano Antico.Nico Fonseca arrived in Argentina. Photo: Mariano Antico.

After an emotional farewell to the club in which he played 46 official matches, The one born in Naples rested for almost a month in ComoItalian city where his parents live, where performed demanding strength work in a gym specialized in high-performance athletes and was also aware of his new club, as demonstrated with that early morning post watching the Champions Trophy celebrations.

The story of Nicolás Fonseca watching River from Italy.  Instagram.The story of Nicolás Fonseca watching River from Italy. Instagram.

With that logical anxiety to take the first big leap of his career and accompanied at all times by his father-representative Daniel (he played just two games in Núñez in 2002 and left fighting with Ramón Díaz), the 25-year-old midfielder for which River paid a figure close to 2,400,000 dollars for 60% of his pass Micho’s team chip has already been placed.

Before joining River, Nicolás Fonseca enjoyed his vacations in Italy.Before joining River, Nicolás Fonseca enjoyed his vacations in Italy.

“We have to try to win everything. There is no other way around. I will try to do my part to achieve the objectives”added the midfielder, who will have to overcome the dreaded word “adaptation” as soon as possible to fit into a midfield that has lost important pieces.

This is how Nico Fonseca trained during his vacation

River Plate 5-1-2024

Before joining River, Fonseca trains on his vacation

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