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Foggia and Taranto compete in the match valid for the 20th day of the Serie C NOW 2023/24 championship

On the 20th day of the Serie C NOW group C 2023/24 championship, Foggia hosts Taranto on the turf of the “Zaccheria” stadium.

The Daunians, on whose bench Coletti will make his debut today, occupy tenth position in the classics at 25 points (cohabiting with Catania, beaten 2-0 at the “Massimino” in the first leg match), with a path that has seen 6 successes, as many defeats and 7 draws in the first part of this championship, with 17 goals scored and the same number conceded.
The Ionian team are in fifth place with 33 points, with Capuano’s men having recorded 10 successes, 3 “X” signs and 6 setbacks, scoring 23 goals and conceding 17.

Refereeed by Mr. Michele Delrio of the AIA section of Reggio Emilia, here are the starting lineups for the match:

Foggia: Nobile, Rizzo, Martini, Schenetti, Marino, Tonin, Fiorini, Vezzoni, Salines, Carillo, Embalo
All.: Coletti
Taranto: Vannucchi, Ferrara, Antonini, Romano, Bifulco, Enrici, Luciani, Calvano, Mastromonaco, Kanoute, Fabbro
All.: Capuano

Foggia – Taranto 1st half

1′ – The second half of Foggia-Taranto begins!
4′ – Taranto opportunity: ball lost during construction by Foggia, Kanoute sprints to the right and crosses for Bifulco who, alone in the center of the area, sensationally misses the header, putting it on goal.
4′ – TARANTO ADVANTAGE. 0-1. Another error in the setup phase, with Martini inadvertently serving Kanoute, who anticipates Carillo and beats Nobile.
14′ – Foggia tries to settle down. We can see the search for construction from below by Coletti’s men, but at the moment the Rossoneri are having difficulty overcoming the midfield.

17′ – The Taranto medical staff enters the field to intervene on Calvano who remained on the ground, on the 23rd he then gets up limping, but resumes his place on the field.
18′ – Calvano himself looks for the goal from 30 meters after an aerial clearance by Rizzo on a cross from the left by Bifulco, but the aim is imprecise.
19′ – Ferrara is booked for a foul on Embalo.
28′ – First corner Taranto: Romano catches Luciani alone in the center of the area who however extends his control too much and gets blocked by Embalo.
29′ – DOUBLE TARANTO. 0-2. Nobile centrally blocks a low shot from Bifulco, Kanoute, perhaps kept in play by Salines, slings on the rebound and scores.

30′ – Marino’s shot blocked by Antonini.
36′ – FOGGIA GOAL! 1-2! Tonin aims for depth after being launched by Schenetti, leaps over Enrici and shoots with the tip, finding the opposition of Vannucchi, the ball remains loose in the penalty area and Tonin manages to put it into the empty net!
37′ – Embalo’s shot blocked by Ferrara.
39′ – Ferrara remains on the ground, with the Taranto medical staff going to assist the visiting left winger.
40′ – Taranto substitution: Ferrara can’t do it, Panico comes on in his place.
41′ – Good free kick kicked by Schenetti which hits the outside of the net giving the optical illusion of a goal.
42′ – First corner Foggia: Schenetti’s serve is cleared.
44′ – Marino serves Salines from a free kick, but the Rossoneri number 33 hits his header weakly into the arms of Vannucchi.
45′ – Vezzoni offers a cross which is put in the corner by Panico.
45′ – Two minutes of added time.
45’+1 – Second corner Foggia: on the serve, nothing important arises to report.
45’+2 – The first half of Taranto-Foggia ends 1-2: the guests take a double advantage with goals from Kanoute in the 4th and 29th minutes, Tonin reopens the match in the 36th minute.

Foggia – Taranto 2nd half

46′ – The second half of Foggia-Taranto begins!
52′ – Panico’s long-range shot blocked by Salines.
54′ – Low cross from Salines touched with the arm by Enrici in a slide, but for the referee everything is in order.
54′ – Rizzo is booked for protesting.
57′ – Third corner Foggia: ball cleared in the corner.
57′ – Fourth corner Foggia: Taranto starts on the counterattack but Mastromonaco misses the serve.
58′ – Foggia substitution: Peralta comes on for Embalo.

60′ – Low and tense cross from Salines who goes past Vannucchi and Schenetti without deviations towards the Taranto goal.
63′ – Fifth corner Foggia: Peralta’s serve is cleared.
64′ – Carillo rejects a diagonal attempt by Bifulco.
66′ – Double substitution Taranto: Orlando and Zonta in, Bifulco and Calvano out.
69′ – Double substitution Foggia: Vezzoni and Salines give way to Beretta and Garattoni.
70′ – Fabbro is booked for slowing down the restart of the game.
73′ – Luciani trips and remains on the ground, the referee stops a promising move for Foggia to bring in the visiting medical staff.

79′ – Forcing by Foggia who however ends the action with a high shot from Marino.
81′ – Taranto substitution: Fiorani comes on for Fabbro.
85′ – Foggia substitution: Marino comes out, Riccardi comes in.
88′ – Rizzo manages to kick from inside the penalty area, but his right-footed shot is neutralized by Vannucchi.
89′ – Martini loses yet another ball in the build-up, serving Romano who aims for the goal but shoots high from the edge.
90′ – Fiorini is booked.
90′ – Five minutes of added time.
90’+2 – Cross from Rizzo for Tonin who heads it but deposits it in a throw-in.
90’+6 – Final whistle at the “Zaccheria”: Taranto beats Foggia 1-2 thanks to Kanoute’s brace in the 4th and 29th minutes, which makes Tonin’s goal in the 36th minute useless.

Foggia – Taranto 1-2
4′ e 29′ Kanoute (Tar), 36′ Tonin (Fog)

Foggia (3-4-2-1): Noble; Fiorini, Carillo, Rizzo; Salines (69′ Garattoni), Martini, Marino (85′ Riccardi), Vezzoni (69′ Beretta); Schenetti, Embalo (58′ Peralta); Tonin
Available: Cucchietti, De Simone, Castaldi, Vacca, Pazienza, Antonacci, Agnelli, Papazov, Rossi, Idrissou, Brancato
All.: Coletti
Taranto (3-4-3): Vannucchi; Luciani, Antonini, Enrici; Mastromonaco, Calvano (66′ Zonta), Romano, Ferrara (40′ Panico); Kanoute, Fabbro (81′ Fiorani), Bifulco (66′ Orlando)
Available: Loliva, Costantino, Riggio, Condaj, Hysaj, Papaserio, Capone
All.: Capuano

Referee: Michele Delrio from Reggio Emilia
Assistant 1: Amedeo Fine di Battipaglia
Assistant 2: Giorgio Ravera from Lodi
Fourth Officer: Lucio Felice Angelillo from Nola

Booked: 19′ Ferrara (Tar), 54′ Rizzo (Fog), 70′ Fabbro (Tar), 90′ Fiorini (Fog)
Expelled: /

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