Flybondi cancels flights and passengers are stranded

According to lowcost, delays in approving payments for services abroad put the normal functioning of the company at risk.

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13/01/2024 – 09:42hs

Due to the dollar stocks, Flybondi operates "the average machine": how many passengers could be stranded

The low cost airline Flybondi warned that, by the difficulties he suffers in accessing dollars, It could reschedule – and even cancel – some of its flights, which would affect around 1,300 passengers per day.

“Due to systematic delays in the approval of payment for services abroad due to past and current restrictions, the ability of airlines to meet the commitments made to their passengers and suppliers is being compromised,” the low-cost airline said in a statement. “In addition, the new financial instruments to facilitate debt payment do not meet the expectations of suppliers,” the company detailed in a statement.

Flybondi would leave 1,300 passengers stranded per day

The airline, owned by the Cartesian fund from the United States (among other foreign investors), is responsible for 20% of total domestic flights and transports an estimated 350,000 people daily.

In this context, the firm operates by leasing Boeing B737 brand aircraft to different companies known as lessors, through a modality known as leasing. “In the short term, it implies cancellations and rescheduling that affect more than 1,300 passengers per day at a time of year of high demand such as summer vacations”, They warned about the complications that arise when accessing foreign currency.

70% of Flybondi's operating costs are tied to the dollar

70% of Flybondi’s operating costs are tied to the dollar.

And they added: “As a result of the sustained situation generated, the company finds part of its fleet affected by non-payment of lease and other services.”

According to Flybondi, “more than 70% of airline operating costs are tied to the dollar, covering fundamental aspects such as aircraft leasing contracts, spare parts services and airworthiness systems, among others.”

And they concluded: “The airline maintains contact with the government authorities and expressed its concern about this situation, warning of the necessary regularization, seeking that do not replicate with other suppliers that are essential for the air operation and who are in a similar situation due to non-payment,” the company added.

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